Captured militants of the banned in Russia organization “Islamic state” (DAIS) the Iraqi city of Mosul appeared avenger: according to press reports, one of the women took up arms and began killing terrorists.

According to Reuters, citing a local TV channel, which, in turn, refers to its sources in the province of Nineveh, a woman in a burqa shot dead two militants of the “Islamic state” on checkpoint “Hanuman”.

This is the third such attack on is militants in Mosul last month. According to sources, the local leadership of the terrorists has announced an increase in the level of combat readiness. The militants believe that these attacks are “non-random”: they allegedly organized secret services to undermine the situation in Mosul.

Nevertheless, we know that to catch a woman-the avenger has not succeeded. As noted by the Iraqi media, many residents of Mosul have reason for revenge is militants, who executed or made slaves of tens of thousands of civilians, reports
NEWSru Israel.

I should add that in February of this year by Iraqi troops and opponents of the IG joined “Team solar dev. It includes about several hundreds of Yazidi who managed to escape from sexual slavery and jihadist who dream of revenge on his tormentors.

The commander of this detachment of captain Hider stated that 123 of the fighter had already participated in the fighting, another 500 finish the course of training. According to her, sexual slavery in Mosul is still about 3.5 thousand of their friends. “The battle for Mosul will allow us to test what we are made of. It will be very difficult, but we must release the abducted women. They are waiting for relatives and friends. Freeing the city, we will be able to bring them home,” said Hider.

notes NEWSru Israel, the jihadists fear clashes with female fighters. According to legend, a soldier of Allah, killed by the hands of women will not be able to enter heaven and enjoy the pleasures with 72 virgin houris forever.

In Mosul a woman in a burqa takes revenge on the “Islamic state”: it shoots two terrorists 29.09.2016

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