In Mozambique, tens of people died in the explosion of a fuel tanker. Initially became aware of the 43 victims, and later their number had risen to 73, according to Reuters, citing government data. Dozens of people were injured, the Agency said.

According to the BBC, burns received 110 people. The incident occurred near the border of Mozambique in the East African nation of Malawi. The truck was carrying gasoline from the port city of Beira.

According to the government, the incident occurred during an attempt to siphon fuel from the overturned truck. Because of the heat the fuel truck exploded.

Victims of the explosion were hospitalized. On the scene, headed a group of government officials.

Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world. The state is constantly struggling with food shortages caused by drought.

In Mozambique the explosion of the tanker, killing more than 70 people 18.11.2016

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