The pensioner from Murmansk took several loans in the microfinance institutions to pay off debts. Now, in her entrance on duty, eerie, threatening SMS, and the photo of a little granddaughter distribute “privatecompany” on a tombstone and signatures “sell organs”.

“We were not able to pay the debt “Money in hand”, “Money” and “Money” due to the fact that we’re having problems with work and, consequently, financial difficulties. We offered offices to pay the money, but they demanded the whole amount immediately,” said Valentine edition of the “Severest”.

After that, the walls of the entrance, where the family lives, were inscriptions with the requirements to repay the debt. On phone has come SMS with threats: “spend the night at home sleep with a fire extinguisher. This night will remember nadolgo Linus Allah. For your duty we’re going to burn your door in the beginning” (original spelling. – Approx.

When the frightened pensioner telephone number, lenders switched to her daughter and granddaughter. The threats began to come in social networks. “They wrote and phoned both them and their friends. And then there’s, recently, started to send photos with my granddaughter, allegedly in a coffin. Under the photos did a terrible signing that “the child sold by the authorities”. The mind boggles! In the photo with his granddaughter wrote, saying, it is sold for money. All of this exposed to the Internet in open access”, – tells murmanchanka.

Three times the police had nothing, the interior Ministry said that the actions of the companies-borrowers “no crime”. Refused to intervene and prosecutors. Meanwhile, the debtor dismissed the threats began to come to her boss.

After the publication of the “Severest” in the Murmansk region Prosecutor’s office has promised to carry out additional checks. Meanwhile, the pensioner afraid to go out in her entrance on duty suspicious types – and thinking about suicide.

In Murmansk collectors placed on the gravestone photo is the granddaughter of the debtor 18.10.2016

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