In Nepal, near Kathmandu, after reconstruction opened to the Buddhist temple complex and stupa Bodnath. Monuments of architecture of the VI century, UNESCO world heritage site, was seriously damaged by a devastating earthquake in 2015.

White and gold stupa of Boudhanath – one of the largest in the country and one of the holiest in Tibetan Buddhism, reminds The Daily Mail. Restoration work began in may last year and was worth 2.1 million dollars, most of which was donated by the believers. Builders took more than 30 kg of gold to bring the mortar to proper form.

In honor of the opening, which took place after three days of ritual purification, the temple complex was decorated with flags with prayers and flowers. “We are very proud of this moment. The successful recovery of Boudhanath inspires us to completion in areas affected by the earthquake,” said Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahala after passed through the freshly painted steps of the temple.

Before the earthquake, the temple complex has attracted up to 300 thousand pilgrims from around the world each year, but now the flow of tourists was halved. Local residents hope the renovation will help to attract the attention of believers.

The British newspaper notes that of the many churches destroyed by the earthquake in Nepal in the given order only a few. Experts believe that the restoration of the architectural heritage of the country will take several years. At the same time the millions of Nepalis, whose homes were destroyed by the earthquake, will hold the second winter without proper shelter because the issue of compensation for reconstruction of homes is still not complete.

Bodnath is the main center of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal. The stupa is often mentioned in historical documents. It is a spatial mandala, the base represents earth, the hemispherical arch – water, the spire of the 13 steps (the number of steps to Nirvana) – fire, umbrella – the air, and crowning all is the Belvedere sky, reminiscent of the BBC Russian service.

UNESCO has previously expressed concern in connection with the use for the reconstruction of a cultural monument with modern materials and designs.

In Nepal again opened the temple complex of Boudhanath VI century, damaged by an earthquake in 2015 22.11.2016

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