In Nepal, police shot and killed five people who participated in protests against the draft of the new Constitution of the country, reports the BBC. The police reported that they were forced to open fire after protesters attacked them with knives and firearms.

The dead belong to the madhesi ethnic group is Indo-Aryan peoples, culturally close to the people of India, living on the other side of the border in the South of Nepal. The draft of the new Constitution of the country requires that the division of Nepal into several federated entities, however, the representatives of madhesi and other ethnic groups fear that this will lead to discrimination.

Of the five killed, four were shot and killed after protesters smashed police stations and government buildings in the city of Birganj, located less than 100 kilometers from the capital Kathmandu. Another man was killed in Kalaiya.

The total number of victims in political clashes in recent weeks is not less than 20 people.

Since 2008, when Nepal was abolished monarchy, the country lives under the interim Constitution. Since then, the political struggle prevented the creation of the draft of the new Constitution, and began only after the catastrophic earthquakethat occurred in April of this year.

Supporters of the project believe that the adoption of the new Constitution will contribute to economic development and promote peace with the Maoistswho are fighting for power in the country. Until recently they were considered rebels, but since 2006, after the armistice, became an influential political force.

In society there is a debate around the proposed administrative boundaries, ethnic minorities are also demanding more rights.

In Nepal, five people were killed in protests against the draft Constitution 02.09.2015

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