US police suspects the heir to the Italian car company Fiat, Lapo Elkann of perjury. Previously, he announced his kidnapping a prostitute transgender, who allegedly demanded for the release of a hostage in 10 thousand dollars, informs BBC.

Last Friday, 39-year-old Elkann called her family from new York and reported the kidnapping. The businessman demanded that relatives sent him money to “guarantee its security”. Relatives Alkanna conveyed this information to the American police.

Sunday 27 November around 2:00 guardians of the law found Alkanna in Manhattan. Based on his testimony, police also arrested 29-year-old prostitute, transgender, a female worker of an escort service that was in the apartment Alkanna.

However, in the course of further investigation, all charges against the arrested were dropped. Police came to the conclusion that Alkanna not held in the apartment by force – just he ran out of cash after a spree.

Lapo Elcano suspected fraud, ordered to appear in court on 25 January 2017.

According to police source, Elkann, arriving in new York on Friday, spent almost two days in the apartment with a prostitute transgender, drinking alcohol and drugs.

He Elkann wrote in Instagram that his trip to new York is business in nature, and it supposedly will meet “many interesting people”, with which he intends to discuss some business projects.

Elkann Lapo is the grandson of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fiat, Gianni Agnelli, and owns a large stake in the company, but no posts in it is not.

In 2005, Lapo after taking a nearly fatal dose of the drug Turin fell into a coma. At that moment the man was in the company of transsexuals.

Note that the mother Lapo is the Countess Margherita Agnelli de Pahlen also has a mixed reputation. The European press recorded it in “Putin’s fifth column”. In 2014, the aristocrat took part in the meeting in Vienna with Russian expansionists. The conference was organized by the oligarch Konstantin Malofeev, and among those invited to it turned out to be the ideologist of the Eurasian movement Alexander Dugin and the artist Ilya Glazunov, wrote Der Tagesanzeiger.

At the meeting, held in secrecy, “the leaders of the Russian Eurasian movement discussed with the European right-wing populists, aristocrats and entrepreneurs save Europe from liberalism and the homosexual lobby”. The discussion also focused on how to “revive the spirit of the Holy Alliance”, reported InoPressa.

The second husband of Margherita Agnelli de Pahlen was count Serge de Pahlen, who served as the chief representative of the Italian concern Fiat in the CIS countries. Serge is a descendant of Russian emigrants of the famous aristocratic family, wrote “Kommersant”. His ancestor count Peter Palen was a military Governor of St. Petersburg and Governor-General of Courland. Peter Palen also known as the organizer of the conspiracy, which was overthrown and killed in 1801 the Emperor Paul.

In 1992, Margaret and Serge almost died on vacation in Russia with his five children. Night in the country where they were resting, the fire broke out. The aliens managed to save their children, but Margaret suffered burns. The fire killed two children friends family Palen, wrote Vanity Fair.

The family Agnelli de Pahlen owned not only by the Fiat group, but the Turin newspaper La Stampa and the football club “Juventus”. Recently this publication has published an article authored by Russian President Vladimir Putin under the headline “It’s time to trust Russia, a common front against terror.”

In new York arrested the heir of Fiat, the suspect in staging his abduction a prostitute transgender 01.12.2016

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