US police a few weeks searches for the man who committed the daring theft of a batch of Golden chips directly on a busy street in new York. The attacker looked into the body of an armoured armored car, grabbed the bucket with the precious metal and left. His actions were recorded by the surveillance camera.

Extraction of the thief of steel 86 pounds (39 kilograms) of gold worth $ 1.6 million, writes DNAinfo.

The crime occurred near Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, new York, about 16:30 on 29 September, but video footage of the theft was published only two months later.

On the captured footage shows as past the parked truck transport company International Loomis passed on the sidewalk a man in blue clothes. Seeing that the body of the vehicle opened, a man lounged near him, and, seizing the right moment, grabbed the bucket with the Golden chip standing in the cargo Bay.


According to investigators, the collector at the time of the theft was distracted to pick up his cell phone from the cab of the truck.

The footage, shot second street camera, it is clearly seen that two steps away from the offender stood two elderly men, who animatedly about something talked. An attacker with a heavy 19-liter bucket of gold in his hands passed right next to them without arousing any suspicion.

On the sidewalk scurrying back and forth dozens of people, but in the bustle of the city, they also did not pay attention to the strange man with a bucket in his hands. The load was so heavy that the attacker had to put her down and get some rest. The thief didn’t even bother to cover the gold, more like some waste or sawdust. At indifferent and busy with their own Affairs of the Americans it still has not caused any interest.

About an hour it took the thief to go through with the extraction distance, which is usually a passer-by passes in 10 minutes. Nevertheless, he managed to escape and reached the parked white van. It is assumed that the thief gold went to Florida, writes The Daily Mail.

Stolen curiously gold was intended to send in the canadian province of Ontario.

Police have released enhanced photos of the offender and reported its signs. In view of the newly made millionaire was about 50 years. He was dressed in blue jeans and a dark vest.

We add that the international company Loomis International specializes in transporting and storing values. For this, the company uses “the latest technologies and developments in the field of security”, as reported on the website of the company.

In new York at VIDEO looking for a passer-by, who stole from an open cash-in-transit armored car a bucket of gold 01.12.2016

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