In new York as a result of the outbreak of severe bacterial lung disease – legionellosis – 12 people were killed, the number of cases of the deadly virus has reached 113, reported on Monday, mayor bill de Blasio.

Outbreak of Legionnaires ‘ disease was recorded in new York last month. The primary focus of infection lies in the South Bronx. The bacteria that cause the disease, were found in 18 buildings. What exactly caused the outbreak is still unknown. It is believed that the source of infection could serve as storage compartments air conditioning, General ventilation systems, reports Fox News.

On Sunday, the city authorities announced that the outbreak of communicable diseases legionellosis in new York depressed. De Blasio also noted that in the last week of new cases is not fixed, which is a very “encouraging”.

Legionellosis (“Legionnaires ‘ disease”) is an acute infectious disease. Spreading droplet and airborne dust by. Progresses, with severe fever, General intoxication, pulmonary, Central nervous system, digestive system.

The disease got its name in connection with the place of its first flash – at the Convention of veterans of the American Legion in Philadelphia in 1976, reports the BBC Russian service. According to doctors, this infection is particularly dangerous for the elderly and people with chronic diseases. The current outbreak of legionellosis in new York city became the largest in the history of the city.

In new York from the strongest in the history of the city of outbreaks of Legionnaires ‘ disease died 12 persons 11.08.2015

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