The U.S. court ruled on 2 November, the sentence already to the former head of the police in Suffolk County new York James Burke, who was found guilty of beating a detainee. 52-year-old guard mocked handcuffed a man suspected of stealing sex toys from a police car, which moved Burke.

According to the decision of the court of James Burke will spend behind bars for three years and 10 months. To serve his sentence he will be in Federal prison. In addition, for another three years, Burke will be under surveillance and his freedom will be limited, writes The Wall Street Journal.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, in 2012, police arrested a heroin addict Christopher Loeb, who at the time was in his mother’s house in Smithtown, on the North coast
Long Island. Loeb suspected of violating the rules behavior after of parole.

After his arrest, was searched, during which police found a number of stolen car interiors things. Among them were sex toys James Burke, who was abducted from his official SUV.

There was found videos of a pornographic nature, belt pistol, a few magazines for ammunition and a box of cigars. All this belonged to Burke and was missing from his car.

James Burke has personally intervened in the investigation. He persuaded colleagues to immediately return the portion of the detected evidence without entering them into the record. Then Burke personally conducted the interrogation of Christopher Loeb at the station, writes The Daily Mail.

How then was told, during the conversation, Christopher James was called a pervert. It pissed the police chief off balance. Burke was beaten by the suspect, who was handcuffed. The police boss also shouted that will kill Loeb and fakes his death from a heroin overdose.

Later, Burke has insisted that investigators have given false testimony in connection with this incident. Thus James tried to hide the fact of beating Loeb. The police continued to lie even under oath and once in 2013, against Burke, the FBI opened a criminal case on abuse of power.

According to judge Leonard Wexler, Burke’s willingness to break the law affected the work of the entire police Department, where he served 2,000 people.

When several cops reported false information, like Burke and other senior managers received a list of subordinates, has given his testimony to the FBI, one of the guards exclaimed, “I’m dead”.

Fear forced many police officers over several years to conceal information about their boss committed the crime. And this despite the fact that the Burke did not conceal his involvement in the beating Loeb and bragged about this act at the Christmas office party.

“I believe that Mr. Burke acted as a dictator,” said judge Wexler. He noted that more than 80 people sent to court positive characteristics of the defendant. Of these letters that James during his 31-year career in the police force helped a lot of people.

“But he also created evil, if you were not on his side. This is corruption,” concluded judge Wexler.

The Prosecutor’s office in the time when Burke was in charge of the police of Suffolk, called the period of “reign of terror”. It is known that the police boss kept liquor in his office and constantly getting behind the wheel drunk. Burke also forced his subordinates to conduct surveillance of his girlfriends.

In 2013, Burke to blackmail other high-ranking police officer, whom he disliked, had he put a GPS tracking system. Watching the movements of colleagues, the police boss had hoped to gather incriminating information.

James Burke pleaded guilty to the crime until the winter of 2016. However, he asked not to appoint to it punishment in the form of imprisonment, because his mother is dying of cancer.

The materials of the investigation appear other police officers. But their names were not disclosed.

Internal police reports show that in 1995, Burke was twice convicted of violation of rules of storage of weapons. It has also been repeatedly suspected of immoral behavior: Burke repeatedly entered into a sexual relationship right into police cars. He was also in an intimate relationship “with a convicted felon, convicted of drug trafficking, prostitution and theft”.

In new York the chief of police who beat a man for stealing his sex toys from the service of the SUV, got 4 years in prison 03.11.2016

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