North Korea is not at least 133 people were killed in floods caused by heavy rains due to Typhoon Lionrock, 395 unaccounted for, according to the office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the UN , citing data from the local authorities. About 107 thousand people were forced to leave their homes.

More than 35 million homes in the North East of the DPRK has been damaged, 69% of them completely destroyed. About 16 thousand hectares of arable land flooded. On the basis of official data and results of evaluation of at least 140 thousand people need urgent assistance.

As noted by the Central party newspaper “Rodong Sinmun”, “all the human, material and technical resources of the country are mobilized to eliminate the consequences of the disaster”. The newspaper believes that the people of North Korea “in a short time will be able to heal the wounds of the Northern regions of the country.”

According to the national meteorological administration of the country, “it was the most powerful natural disaster after the liberation of Korea in 1945″, reports TASS. In the Hamgyong destroyed tens of thousands of homes and public buildings suffered enormous damage transport and energy system, industrial enterprises and crops, the statement reads.

In these conditions, according to KCNA news Agency, the leadership of the WPK, ministries and agencies take urgent measures to assist the inhabitants of this region, was in the flood zone. In disaster areas sent construction crews who participated in the construction of multi-storey residential buildings on the street Renmin in Pyongyang. Restoration works involved part of the Korean people’s army.

Earlier news Agency KCNA reported that in the Hamgyong flood victims were at least 60 people, another 25 were listed as missing.

Due to natural disasters were evacuated for more than 44 thousand people. In the Northern region, where from August 29 to September 2 fell from 290 to 320 mm of precipitation came from the banks of the Duman river.

In North Korea the floods killed at least 133 people 12.09.2016

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