In Vladikavkaz in North Ossetia, the residents came out for a spontaneous protest with the requirement to investigate a strange death of a detainee in a police station. According to the official version, the man, the suspect in the attack on the commander of the Riot police, he caused himself serious injury. However, the body of the deceased visible numerous traces of beatings and torture.

To date, the head of the regional interior Ministry Arthur akhmethanov already made the decision to suspend from duty the Deputy chief of operations and three police operatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs in Vladikavkaz, informs the official website of the police of North Ossetia.

“The suspension is produced with the aim of ensuring the objectivity of the investigation into the death of the detainee in Commission of crime” – said in a press release. No other details of the incident are not given.

Meanwhile, on Monday morning, the initiative group of relatives and friends of 37-year-old victim of Vladimir Scaeva met with the head of the Republic of Tamerlane Aguzarova, who promised that none of the guilty will escape punishment. The official also added that he “can’t find the words, as he shocked by the enormity of the crime”, which I suspect guards.

After meeting with the initiative group in the office of Aguzarov went outside to talk with the other participants of the spontaneous meeting, held in the square before the administration building, says Sputnik.

“We believe you, only for you and I hope,” said congregation President. They also sent an appeal to the Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev with a request to conduct a fair investigation.

And the Minister of internal Affairs of North Ossetia Artur akhmethanov, for his part, stressed that “no one is going to hide, to conceal”, reports TASS.

“All the materials we will give to the Investigation Committee,” he added.

Photos and videos from the rally published by the news Agency “Caucasian knot”.

MIA: detainee hitting his head on the floor

Vladimir Ckaev was detained by the police on 1 November at 15:30. It was suspected of causing a gunshot wound to the commander OMON Pliyev, who was hospitalized a day earlier with V. Abaev street in Vladikavkaz.

During the conversation at the police station irisconsole district detained, according to security officials, behaved inadequately. The man allegedly threatened that if the police don’t let him up, he himself will cause injuries and make a statement to the Prosecutor’s office with the complaint that he was beaten by police. After that the detainee “suddenly rose from his chair and fell to his knee, the frontal part of the head struck several blows on the floor.”

The police stopped his actions and then continued the conversation, but “due to the deterioration of the health of the detainee by police was called the emergency medical service carriage”. Scaeva was admitted to the emergency Department of RCH of Vladikavkaz with the diagnosis “closed cherepno-a brain trauma”, where he was given necessary medical help.

Suspect’s state of health has improved, said the police, but on 1 November at 11:05 from the hospital reported his death. The cause of death is called acute heart failure.

The version of the Ministry of internal Affairs has already caused a storm of indignation in social networks, because the Internet Scaeva relatives posted photos of his body. These images contradict the official version. To published a video showing numerous traces of severe injuries: stripes, presumably from the handcuffs, broken in the blood the knees and the chin, and numerous bruises.

According to Ossetian blogger Alik Pukhaev on his page in Facebook, in the medicolegal investigation refused to testify to a traumatic brain injury and multiple fractures in Scaeva, although from the police station to the hospital he hit it with such a diagnosis.

According to Pukhaev, the victim was raising two small children and worked in the Ministry of agriculture. Previously, he was not convicted.

In North Ossetia suspended the police chief after the mysterious death of a detainee 03.11.2015

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