In the Norwegian city of Tønsberg, the capital of the province of Vestfold, arrested
29-year-old citizen of Russia, Jan Peter, fought in 2014
The Donbas self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic
the detachment “Rusich”. Police are asking the district court Tønsberg
give him a month in prison for violation of the visa regime, reports
the Norwegian broadcasting Corporation NRK.
In Ukraine he is accused of more serious crimes.

Petrovsky lives in Norway since 2004 and, according to the national
police is associated with the right-wing groups in Eastern Norway.
The Directorate of immigration is seeking his expulsion from the territory
of the country.

He withdrew the residence permit, and on the evening of Tuesday, October 18, he
was detained by the police, which requires him to four weeks
in prison for staying in the country without a residence permit.

Petrovsky lawyer Niels Christian Nordhus said that his
client does not want to leave the country: “He really wants to stay in
Norway, he have family here, he lives here since the mid-2000s
years and linked with Norway than with Russia.”

The arrest, according to the lawyer, followed too quickly soon after
revocation of the permit. Usually, in such cases foreigners are given more

with reference to the post of the Russian journalist Evgeny Dyakonov in the social network “Vkontakte”
reported that requires issuance of Petrine Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, but the publication ЛIГА.net
this information is not confirmed, saying that the trial in this
the incident is not within the competence of the Ministry.

At the center “Peacemaker” Roman Zaytsev claims in Facebook,
what Petrovsky is seeking extradition through the foreign Ministry, the security Service

In the account of “Rusich” the social network “Vkontakte” lament about the arrest Petrovsky

Detailed information about the arrest yesterday in Petrovsky posted
public DSHRG “Rusich” in the social network “Vkontakte”
(DSHRG and sabotage-reconnaissance assault group). Arrest
happened in the house of a member of the national socialist organization
the organization of the “Northern resistance movement” Ronnie Bordsen.

“Seven Norwegian police broke into the house to Ronnie Bordsen below
notify Ian Petrovsky about his deportation from Norway. Police
said to Jan that he has two days to buy a ticket, and
five days to leave the country. The police demanded from him
to present a passport, report of compliance with the deportation decision and
to tell if he is ready to leave the country voluntarily. Yang said that
the advice of his lawyer, Niels Christian Nordhus, does not store passport
house and I got to talk to a lawyer before giving any

“The police arrested Ian and raided the apartment of Bardsey where
Yang spelled out. The purpose of the search, among other things, was finding a passport
Petrovsky, as without a passport Yana will not be able to expel.
The passport was not found. The police forbade workers from lawyer Jan
Petrovsky talking with his client, citing the fact that they
“can’t guarantee the safety of the lawyer and his employees.”
The lawyer, in turn, was extremely surprised by this response and said
Ronnie Bordsen that with such faced for the first time,” – said in
the message.

The deportation decision was taken by the Norwegian migration service
after Norwegian security service said
Petrovsky is a “threat to national security”. Earlier
an interview with NRK Petrovsky’s lawyer said that his client “has
convictions and thinks that the real reason for the decision (about
deportation) is discontent with his political views and

The band members discuss how to “save a friend”, but at least
in the open part of the correspondence to any output did not come. Surprise
the participants of the public was that the neo-Nazi lived in Norway, they knew
only that he “rides there often”.

Members Of The North
, in relation to which observed Petrovsky, set
“to create a state with an authoritarian government, a strong
leader and democracy”.

Great Slavs participated in the war in the Donbas: tortured prisoners and
were photographed on a background of corpses

Ukrainian media Petrovskiy is known by the nickname of the Great Slavs, under
which he in 2014-2015 fought in the Donbas in the squad
“Rusich”. The commander of the detachment was from St. Petersburg, Alexei Milchakov
named Fritz, who became famous in 2011 that laid out in the social network
“VKontakte” pictures, which he with cruelty killing
the puppy
, cutting off his head and eats.

Ukrainian Internet newspaper “Vesti”
writes that Peter and Milchakov was often photographed on a background of corpses
Ukrainian volunteers.

“Milchakov and Peter in 2014 created the formation DSHRG “Rusich”,
consisting of ultra-right Russian fighters. This formation
included in the infamous GBR “Batman”, to keep at Bay the summers and
in the fall of 2014 all of Lugansk. As you know, this group
equipped in the basement Mashinstituta torture, under various pretexts,
abducted civilians, some of whom were executed and beaten to
death. Even in the LC, the members of the RRG “Batman” was announced by the sadistic
killers. In early 2015, part of its militants were killed, some
arrested,” writes blogger and journalist Denis Kazansky, chief
the editor of the newspaper “Fourth power” in Facebook.

5 Sep 2014 the soldiers of the “Rusich” from ambush fired on a column
Ukrainian battalion “Aydar” near the village of Metalist Slavyanoserbsk
district, Luhansk region. “Then they cut off the ears of the wounded and eventually
killed all the prisoners, and also took photographs of the disfigured
bodies,” says Kazan.

“Honestly, I was sure that all the participants of these events for a long time in
Russia, but it turned out that Ian Petrovsky, which views the
residence in Norway. It’s time our Ministry of foreign Affairs
SBU, the interior Ministry didn’t declared wanted and demanded his extradition, is unclear,” – said the chief editor of the “Fourth estate”.

In Norway arrested a Russian neo-Nazi the Great Slavs, who fought for the LC in the battalion Rusich 20.10.2016

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