The TV2 launched advertising series “Occupied”, which should become a hit for the upcoming TV season. It is set in the near future, when the Scandinavian country is occupied by Russia.

The plot in Norway comes to power radical ecological party, which stops gas and oil production. After that, the Russian army occupied the country and establishes control over hydrocarbon deposits. As noted by “the Russian newspaper”, in a two-minute trailer for the series were “literally all phobias and stereotypes, which for long months replicated in the media of the countries of Europe, especially in the Baltic States and Scandinavia”.

The show was the most expensive project in the history of Norwegian television € 9.6 million. The right to demonstrate has already received the UK, negotiations are also underway with Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Belgium and Holland.

At the Russian Embassy in Norway expressed regret in connection with the upcoming premiere. “Although the authors of the series diligently emphasize vymyshlennoj of the plot, supposedly having nothing to do with reality, this movie is about a very real countries, with Russia, unfortunately, given the role of aggressor. Certainly it is a pity that in the year marking the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Second world war the authors of the series, like he forgot about the heroic contribution of the Soviet army in the liberation of Northern Norway from Nazi invaders, decided in the worst traditions of the cold war to scare the Norwegian audience is non-existent threat from the East”, – quotes the comment diplomats TASS.

The Embassy assured that the scandal in connection with the display of “Occupied” and not “no hysteria from the Russian side in this regard to be expected”.

The author of the idea of the series is popular in Norway the Creator of detective novels by Jo Nesbø, the Director is Eric Selberg. “It’s a show primarily about Norwegians and their reactions to such events”, – he told. Additionally, one of the leading roles in the production played Ingeborga Dapkunaite.

In Norway filmed “phobias and stereotypes” in the series about the occupation of the country by Russia 27.08.2015

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