In Norway Wednesday, February 1, for the first time, married same-sex couple. The ceremony took place at midnight – once in force a special Liturgy, who recently took the Norwegian Lutheran Evangelical Church.

The wedding took place at the Church, located in the commune Eidskog. The ceremony was led by pastor Bettina, Eckbo, reports The Local. “To be a part of it was a lot of fun and truly comfortable,” – said the priest.

The bride and groom Cell Froehlich Benjaminsen and Eric Skjelnes lived together for 36 years, which is more age to get married by their pastors. “They embody the values that underpin marriage, fidelity, and support each other in good and bad days,” said ACBA.

According to the pastor, the couple has gone through most of the history of the changing attitudes towards homosexuals in Norway. “When they met in 1981, that must have seemed unreal to even think that they will be able to one day get married in a Church,” he suggested, Ekbo.

Monday, January 30, the Church Synod voted to adopt a new Liturgy that allows same-sex couples to marry in the Church.

In April 2016 88 of 115 people in the Synod have acted to same-sex couples could enter into a Church marriage. For clergy who do not support such unions gave up the right to refuse to conduct such ceremonies. After this Church had a special Liturgy.

Wedding ceremony same-sex couples in Norway marked a new time for gays and lesbians in a country that, like its Northern neighbors, is at the forefront of protecting the rights of homosexuals in Europe.

Norwegian law since 1993 allow registration of civil partnerships of homosexual couples. In 2009, the government of the social Democrats Jens Stoltenberg, a law was passed that legalized secular official registration of marriages between members of the same sex and gave them the opportunity to adopt children.

In Russia, same-sex marriages are not officially permitted. The Russian Orthodox Church believe that the laws on marital unions of homosexuals are a threat to human civilization.

In Norway, first married gay couple 01.02.2017

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