Russia will be forced to react to the placement of Marines of the USA in Norway, said the Russian Senator Franz Klintsevich in an interview with Norwegian TV channel TV2.
“We still have to respond to it?” – he gave the Norwegians the reaction of the Russian authorities on the country’s plans to host on its territory on a military base “Vernes” (Vaernes) airport, near Trondheim 330 us Marines. “Of course, we have never considered Norway as the goal of our strategic weapons. But if this situation develops, it may affect the Norwegian population as we are forced to react to military threats,” said the Senator, who is now first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on defense and security, Federation Council of the Russian Federation.

Klintsevich said that in Russia they see that “this site is building up military infrastructure, and this causes us concern.” In such circumstances, according to him, the Russian General staff can update the target list of strategic weapons to counter potential threats.

Recall that a unit of Marines on the basis of “Vernes” will be more than 1000 km from the border with Russia, but in the immediate vicinity of the warehouses of American military equipment in caves in Central Norway. In the summer of 2014, these warehouses filled with new armored vehicles brought from the U.S. – M1A1 Abrams heavy tanks, combat armored vehicles LAV-25 amphibious-tracked vehicles-amphibious AAV-7. As stated previously, the defense Ministry of Norway, Marines will arrive in Norway in January 2017 and will serve on a rotation. The Agency stressed that their placement is temporary and in 2017 will be decided the question of further transfer of military.

Earlier, on 28 October, the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the decision of the Norwegian authorities is contrary to the policy of non-publication in the country of foreign military bases in peacetime in 1949 to join NATO, Norway at the insistence of the USSR pledged not to establish on its territory for military bases abroad unless the Kingdom is not attacked or does not exist a real threat of such an attack. The government of Norway does not agree that the country entered restrictions: placement involves the rotation of military and allied countries should have an idea on how to “coordinate efforts with the Norwegian forces,” said the Minister of defence of Norway Ine Eriksen Sereide.

Note that the current NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is the former Prime Minister of Norway. He took office on 1 October 2014 – a month after the NATO summit, held on 4 September of the same year, after which the Alliance is engaged in recreating the NATO military infrastructure on its Eastern borders. As previously reported by”Kommersant”, at the end of October 2016, NATO revealed the national battalions, which are located on the border with Russia, and called the final date of deployment of military units. From January to June of 2017 there will be troops from 17 countries, the head of which stand the US, Britain, Canada and Germany.

European publications, particularly the British The Independent, interprets the words of the Russian Senator on “the strategic targeting of funds,” said in an interview with Norwegian TV2, as a threat of use of nuclear weapons against that country.

And that they gave active military actions of Russia in regions bordering NATO countries. And the placement of NATO forces in Norway is regarded as “opposition to the Russian military threat,” which five countries of Northern Europe agreed in April 2015. In their joint statement, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Finland declared that “Russia’s leaders have shown that they are ready to practice the use of military means to achieve their political goals, even when it involves a violation of the principles of international law”.

Neighbouring Norway, Sweden is also seriously concerned about the application by Russia of a nuclear attack and is preparing to open armed conflict, which may occur “within several years”.

Russia in 2013, do conduct exercises, stimulirovanie nuclear attack on Sweden supersonic missile-bombers Tu-22M3, which is able to transport nuclear weapons. This is stated in the February report to NATO, prepared by the Secretary General of the Alliance Jens Stoltenberg, who said that “the degree of military manoeuvres and drills Russia has reached levels not seen since the end of the cold war.”

A similar exercise was held by Russia in March 2015. Then the simulated capture areas of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

NATO, concerned about the military engagement of Russia on its Western borders, is also actively pursuing their nuclear doctrine. In February 2016 in Norway, three transferred from Central Europe of an American bomber b-52 practiced nuclear strikes on ground targets during a large scale NATO exercise Cold Response (“Cold response”).

In these teachings on land were involved in 6.5 thousand units of equipment and more than 16 thousand soldiers. In the Ministry of defense of Norway stated that the purpose of the exercise is the development of combat readiness in a “changing environment” as well as maintaining confidence in the collective defence of NATO and the ability to repel a potential aggressor. The participation of b-52 bombers In these military maneuvers, it was kind of US support to its allies, fearing hostile action from the Russian side.

In March 2016 the American experts of the analytical center Atlantic Council, simulating a scenario of the Third world war, wrote that “it starts so that people simply do not notice, and the beginning doesn’t have to be the destruction of any city.” And it can start with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland and Norway. “In strategic terms, Northern Europe is of great importance only because of oil and gas reserves. I think that would be a big mistake to assume that this part of Europe will remain as stable as it was in the past.” And the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in order to distract to attack it there – in this direction “Russia has much more power”, concluded the experts.

In Norway, placed the US Marines, felt that the threat of a nuclear attack Senator of the Russian Federation on the response “the aim of policy tools” 01.11.2016

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