In the Southeast of Norway at the reactor Institute for energy research (IFE) in Halden, due to a technical failure happened, the radioactive leak, reports Reuters with reference to the head of the research Institute Alta Valseca.

“The reactor was shut down, there was a leak” – leads the Agency of his word. Valset does not know how many officers were present at the leak, but noted that there could be up to eight people.

“No danger to health, the radiation dose that they got low,” he added. The authorities did not make statements about the necessity of radiation protection, or about the negative impact of radiation on human beings.

According to the website of the Norwegian Directorate of radiation protection (NRPA), the leak occurred on the eve at 13:45, and was caused by technical malfunction. Reactor hall was evacuated when the alarm went off. Director Per strand stated that the service is in contact with the Institute and will investigate the incident to find out how it got leaked and why management protection informed about it only on Tuesday.

Director of studies at Alta, Valset said in comments to a local newspaper Haldens Arbeidarblad: “last week, we took a sample of fuel from the reactor. Last Monday fuel for the test, was moved in a container, in this regard, in the reactor hall there was a release of radioactive iodine”. He did not specify the reason for the release, but stressed that the radiation dose is so low that there is danger.

The Halden reactor commissioned in 1958. Radioactive iodine, known as iodine-131, I131 or radioiodine, is an isotope of regular iodine that is used in small doses for the treatment of diseases of the thyroid gland.

In Norway, the energy Institute has been a radioactive leak 25.10.2016

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