Drivers in the Norwegian city of Sandefjord on the eve had to witness the unpleasant picture. From the trailer, going from the slaughterhouse, accidentally spilled the remains of animals, covering part of the route is about 70 meters. Scattered along the road, dozens of kilograms of intestines looked horrific and also spread around a terrible stench. The incident was caught on video. The local road administration had to clean up the innards.

The trailer was accidentally opened at the roundabout, then its unsightly contents start to fall out. Freelance photographer Geir Eriksen told The Localthat the police reported some debris that fell out of the car. “But when I got there, it wasn’t debris, it was the gut”, – the eyewitness reported.

According to the photographer, the van dropped about 150-200 pounds of entrails of animals. “Smell is not good,” said the witness.

The photographer found out that the driver of the trailer and bought myself a guts to throw it on its fields. So the man wanted to lure foxes, which was going to shoot.

Local police learned about the incident at 11:30 am on Thursday, promptly delegated the job of cleaning the roads Norwegian public roads administration (NPRA). “This has created problems for us because of this (had fallen on the highway of the entrails of animals. – Approx. a lot and the smell is awful”, – told the newspaper Dagbladet senior engineer of Department Dler the Jaffa.

According to local press, guts scattered on the road about 70 meters. “Once we remove the guts, we have to wash the road,” said the Jaffa.

The incident with the guts in Sandefjord was on video.

In Norway, the part of the track by accident was covered with guts (VIDEO) 17.02.2017

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