In Novokuznetsk police conduct proceedings on the fact of unauthorized departure from the hospital seven-year-old, who was on the street in the cold without clothing. As reported by law enforcement portal of Kuzbass, the boy left the medical facility through the window of the first floor.

From the clothes the child was only shoes, pants and sports tops. When the boy froze, then went to the N88 bus and asked the conductor free to bring it to the station.

The conductor immediately called the police. “Understand that letting go it is impossible, but it will freeze”, – she told the website

The responding police took the boy, warmed and fed. It turned out that he’s seven and he lived in the village of Zagorskiy, Novokuznetsk district, together with her mother and younger brother. However, the mother of children consists on the account in division on Affairs of minors. Against her collected materials on deprivation of the parental rights.

On 21 November, the guardianship authorities seized a female child, after it was established that they are in socially dangerous conditions. Then both brothers were taken to children’s hospital in Novokuznetsk.

Currently the child is in the juvenile division of the police Department, “Levoberezhny” Department of the MIA of Russia in Novokuznetsk and will soon be handed over to the tutorship and returned to a medical facility. The fate of the children will determine the court.

Meanwhile, on the fact of unauthorized withdrawal of the child from the medical institution, the police carry out an inspection by results of which a decision will be made in accordance with applicable law.

Note that a similar story happened in Ekaterinburg. There in the cold turned out to be nine-year-old girl who was riding the bus home. The child has lost bus pass, and money for the ticket was not with him. Unlike the boy in Novokuznetsk, the girl was dressed for the weather, it is likely that the conductor felt it necessary to call the police and give the child the guards, and just dropped her off on the bus in the cold. After the girl’s mother reported the incident to the media, the story has gained considerable attention. Case interested in the office of the Federal children’s Ombudsman and the mayor of Yekaterinburg, and in investigatory management SK on Sverdlovsk area even filed a criminal case.

Note also that in the Kuzbass region have been sentenced to a man, left in the cold in the unheated house three young children. The decision of the court assigned to five months of conditional imprisonment with a probation period of 10 months, reports the website of the Moi in the region.

The police call the Kuzbass to take all measures to ensure the safety of their children. The website also reported about how the police assisted freezing on the highway in 30-degree weather to truckers who have broken the truck.

In Novokuznetsk the conductor saved freezing child stranded on the street in the cold without warm clothes 23.11.2016

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