In Novorossiysk opened the world’s only monument to the anchovy European anchovy, fish that saved residents of the black sea coast from starvation during the great Patriotic war.

The monument was erected on the waterfront near the fish factory on a four-foot pedestal in the form of waves. On the label, which is included in the composition, says: “the black sea anchovy from the grateful Novorossiysk. In the hungry war years, catches of anchovy have helped to survive to the residents of Novorossiysk and other black sea cities.”

“Hamsa during the occupation of the city saved the lives of thousands of residents. My great-grandmother still talks like they are this Hamsa with their heads eaten. And I hear so much from her that it would be great if there was a monument in the city,” – said a resident of the city of Vlad Deryugin edition of “Our newspaper Novorossiysk”.

As reported, the monument Hamsa was supposed to open during the celebration of city Day on September 9. According to “Yugopolis”in the last five years, the authorities periodically reported about the readiness of the monument, but for unknown reasons the celebration was postponed.

The author of the monument became known Krasnodar sculptor Alexander Suvorov. He executed the monument of stainless steel.

In Tuapse there is a monument to the mackerel. The old-timers of the port city say that this fish helped to survive as Tuapsinskom and defenders of the black sea city. In Adler there is a monument to fish Gambusia, which in the early twentieth century saved the coast from a malarial mosquito. In Astrakhan monument to the legendary roach was erected in honor of the 450th anniversary of the city. And in Saint-Petersburg on the wall of the bypass channel there is a monument to smelt, to save the starving people.

In Novorossiysk erected a monument to the fish, who saved the city from starvation (PHOTO) 05.10.2017

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