Street musician Egor Serbal, who plays in the style of rap has earned 37 thousand rubles for a one night performance in the centre of Novosibirsk. And, as reported NGS.News, a large part of this sum he gave to the man who introduced himself as the son of the Governor of Kemerovo region Aman Tuleev, and his friends.

As told 20-year-old Serbal, that night he, as usual, played in the centre of the city, near the karaoke bar “the Ear Bear”. The musician was approached by a group of men and asked to perform a freestyle. One of the listeners, the rapper, so that he could insert his name in the improvisation, presented as the son of Dmitry Tuleyev.

Note that the eldest son of the Kemerovo Governor Dmitriy Amanovich Tuleyev really lives in Novosibirsk. Since 2002 he holds the post of head of Federal management of highways “Siberia” of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation.

As explained to journalists the rapper, a complete picture of the listening statement is a simple procedure through which Egor writes a text about a particular person.

“I rhyme on the go and just don’t remember. First, the Governor’s son Dmitry Tuleyev gave five thousand rubles, and then his friends have thrown up to 30 thousand. There were other people – about 10 people were thrown indiscriminately,” – said Sib.FM Egor Serbal.

“NGS.News” rapper admitted that when the men of the company Tuleyev pulled out of their wallets third a five-thousandth bill, he thought to cry out to them: “Stop, and then I’ll have a heart attack will fall!” All that night he earned about 37 thousand rubles.

Egor said that the money he had on hand all debts, buy iPhone 5S and a small party for friends. He noted that typically earns two to three hour performances in the evening about two thousand rubles.

The correspondent of “NGS.News” tried to contact Dmitry Tuleyev, but he was unavailable. The press service of FUAD “Siberia” reported that the son of the Governor is located in Moscow, Federal road Agency and give comments about it can not.

Egor Serbal is in the genre of street rap more than four years. He had previously admitted to the correspondent “Sib.FM”, the songs follows the style and rhythm, Noize MC, writing poetry under the guitar melody. Executor plays with a person’s appearance, coming up with metaphors on the move. He performs on the streets and on the playgrounds.

In Novosibirsk, a street musician performed for the son of Tuleyev and his friends freestyle in 37 thousand rubles 13.10.2016

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