Court of Novosibirsk on Wednesday elected a measure of restraint in form of custody of two minors, accused of attempted triple murder. The attackers broke into the apartment and caused serious injury to the pensioner, her minor grandson and his mother. According to preliminary reports, the massacre was organized by 13-year-old sister of the victim, with which the suspects wanted to “escape to the North.”

In the near future will be solved a question on appointment of the accused to a psychiatric examination, according to the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

According to a source close to the investigation, the crime was organized by 16-year-old College student K., age-schoolgirl Yu and their 13-year-old girlfriend, N. The trio intended to escape from Novosibirsk “somewhere to the North.”

The youngest of the girls was having an affair with a student, and Yuri he lived in the neighborhood in the neighborhood Gorsky.

Before the escape, the lovers and their friend decided to kill his grandmother and his brother 13-year-old N. According to one version, the pensioner did not allow the school to meet with her lover and granddaughter decided to take revenge on her grandmother. Plan relatives of the murder of N. the attackers talked about in the correspondence in social networks “Vkontakte”, wrote “NGS.News”.

The day of the offense, October 31, a young man with his 16-year-old girlfriend accomplice drove up to the scene with a knife, a bat and the keys to the apartment, which they pre-gave 13-year-old accomplice. She she went with her mother to the store, and father was not at home. When he reached the store, the girl sent SMS to his accomplices: “Maria-RA”. It was a signal to start attacking.

Commando missed the student, but took aim at the girl

K. and Yu became one of the ten houses on the street Zabalueva around a stop “Microdistrict Net Sloboda” (the Leninsky district of Novosibirsk), and then opened the door key to the apartment on the last floor, where at that time were 80-year-old woman and her 11-year-old grandson.

The teenager was black mask, and his 16-year-old companion – white medical gloves.

“On the threshold of the home of the raiders met 80-year-old woman, 16-year-old sustained multiple blows with a wooden bat and a knife on the body, and his 16-year-old girlfriend at this time a knife has caused injury to 11-year-old grandson (pensioner) and locked him in the room,” reads a press release of the RF IC.

After a short time returned home 41-year-old landlady and her daughter. A woman met a 16-year-old attacker. He struck her multiple chopped wounds of the head and body using an axe, was found in the kitchen.

The woman screamed, and the scream she jumped out of her neighbor in the stairwell – the current soldier, special forces soldier named Igor. As told by the man running in sneakers and immediately slipped on the blood near the door of the neighbors. The teenager saw him, ran away. Igor ran after him, but on the street behind and went back into the house.

Meanwhile, the schoolgirl Yuri was closed in the apartment, taking hostage the 11-year-old boy. Ran the neighbors began to bandage the boy’s mother chopped the axe head and hands, and the returning Igor took his shotgun and went down the one flight of stairs below.

Soon the apartment left Yu with a bat in his hands, holding the boy’s head. On the girl’s shoulder was a backpack with the things she was planning an escape. The girl tried to escape, but she was stopped by Igor.

The time of detention schoolgirl filmed by another occupant of the house. As can be seen in the published video, Yu begged me to let her go and said that innocent.

Soon the police arrived and ambulance. The pensioner was sent to intensive care with terrible wounds on her face. Other victims have suffered not so much.

Escaped from the scene, the teenager was arrested in the night. As shown by the medical examination, all three suspects before committing the crime did not consume any alcohol or drugs.

As the press writes, the pages of suspects and K. N. social networks are full of aggressive drawing anime with blood stains on the clothes of the characters and the interior. Under one of these drawings, the suspect wrote: “If after watching the series I had habits of the main characters, I’d be a serial killer or rot in a mental hospital”.

According to relatives detained the ninth-grader Yulia, was raised by her grandmother: father long dead and her mother lived with her. The young man also grew up without a mother and father, in the family of guardians. And his 13-year-old girlfriend apparently good family: all lived together – mother, father, grandmother and siblings.

With the participation of forensic confessions the detainees were checked at the scene. Student and high school girl accused of part 3 of article 30, paragraph “a, W” h 2 item 105 (“Attempt at murder of two and more persons”) and paragraph “C” of part 4 of article 162 (“Robbery”) criminal code. Their younger accomplice escape punishment, because not yet reached the age of criminal responsibility.

In Novosibirsk arrested a schoolgirl and a student who tried to kill the boy with his grandmother 02.11.2016

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