In Novosibirsk there is a kindergarten for adults in the style of Soviet times. It was opened on 6 October in a residential neighborhood of Green Forest. Realized the idea of a well-known Novosibirsk programmer Eugene Pyatkovsky.

Visitors adult kindergarten “childhood Town” for Breakfast, lunch and snacks, quiet time, variety of classes – painting, sculpting, singing and many games. Teach invited active teachers of kindergartens. One day stay here will cost three thousand rubles per person, according to the portal “NGS.News”.

The opening was preceded by a long study of the methods of the kindergartens, especially Soviet education, said the author of the project: “I Found grandmothers who in the USSR were heads in kindergartens or teachers. Gathered the whole experience and eventually gave birth to this miracle.”

Now everyone can feel “happy Soviet childhood”: to eat porridge and casseroles, drink cocoa, polepit from clay and play your legitimate day off, reports the Agency “National news”

First the child wanted to return bankers

As planned, the group will be matched according to similar interests and ages. First in kindergarten enrolled managers of banks, said Pyatkovsky. “People are quite serious. Im so tired of office life, they want new and interesting things. Not all these training quests are already tired of people, they want happiness. And happiness is only in childhood”, – he explained his idea.

“How long have you spent a day without the phone or sleep during the day? And here it all is, and people will at least spend this day”, – said the author of the project. He noted that interest in its new brainchild, showed men at the age from 28 to 40 years and women 23 to 30, reports RIA “Novosti”.

When everything is done for you

The desire to return to childhood at least for a few hours is normal for an adult who is struggling with stress, explained “National news,” the counseling psychologist and Gestalt therapist Anfisa Kalistratova.

“In psychology there is such a thing as regression. This is when the person returns to a state of childhood or “rolled back” a few years ago. One of the reasons for this behavior – stress. Usually people who know how to relax, as children, to swing, to inflate balloons get burst of energy and good rest,” – said the expert.

However, according to her, there are many people who do not know how to relax, preferring to spend weekends with alcohol or even abandoning them in favor of work. “But here in a child’s reflexes, which live in the body easily recall the condition of ease and security… Then you create the conditions: porridge fed, played with and put to bed. Everything is decided for you. Man I want to be able, when it makes all the difference, and it’s relaxing,” – concluded the Agency interlocutor.

According to Pyatkovskogo, this is the first such institution in the country, while in the US, a similar idea was implemented a year ago. Now he plans to open Mature gardens in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Eugene Pyatkovsky became widely known after in early 2015 launched the app “Depressant Russia”that blocks calls and SMS messages collection agencies to debtors. He later launched the network project “Alkota” to combat the illegal sale of alcohol and online store “500 natural products”, in which farmers sell their products without intermediaries.

In Novosibirsk have opened a kindergarten for the nostalgic – the first recorded bankers 07.10.2016

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