In the Central area of Novosibirsk at the outpatient Center for prevention and AIDS control (AIDS center) on Tuesday morning, may 16, rally patients with HIV complained of irregular supply of antiretroviral drugs and long queues, according to the website “NGS.News”.

The queue at the clinic for HIV-infected patients, which is in the fifth corps hospital for infectious diseases on families of Shamshinykh St., gathered in the early morning. At 08:20 seven of the city’s residents unfurled banners on which the words were the numbers of coupons to the doctors – 76, 118, 123, 132, 144, 153, 155.

According to the protesters, they were protesting against queues in the clinic and supply drugs. One of the participants Vladislav B. complained that due to the lack of doctors he would have to interrupt the treatment and the waiting times at the clinic are, what to get on reception it is possible far not at once.

The Ministry of health explained the difference in the estimates new HIV disadvantages of laboratory monitoring

Patients with HIV argue that take place from 05:00 to get on reception to the doctor: “you Always have to first defend this place, and at number one-hundred-some will get a voucher. And not the fact that for lunch, get to the doctor, and if after lunch you will get – not the fact that this day will be in the therapy,” explained the participant.

In addition to the queues, the protesters unhappy with the change of therapy due to lack of medicine. “The administration of other drugs always entails serious side effects, and nausea and diarrhea is a minimal impact,” said another participant of the rally, Eugene L. She told me that the doctors put before a choice – either accept what is, or opt out of therapy.

The first such event took place in Novosibirsk in September 2016, when the center of the city protested by one person – Sergey Ulyanov with the poster “HIV: less pills – more deaths”, drew attention to the problems of HIV-positive residents of the region.

In Novosibirsk the Ministry of health has linked the situation with the arrival of drugs from the Federal supply

Although described in Novosibirsk activists, the situation on the background of the overall congestion “optimized” Russian clinics think it is normal, in the Ministry of health of the Novosibirsk region put in relationship to admission with the increasing number of patients seeking drugs from the Federal supply.

“[It] is related to inputs in the area of pharmaceuticals from the Federal supply, and patients are concentrated in the early morning hours. However, the policlinic of the AIDS Centre is open from 08:00 to 20:00, daily admission are 10 infectious diseases”, – stated in the Ministry of health.

The Ministry argued that the capacity of clinic – 250 visits a day, and 15 may it was visited by 180 persons.

“Sometimes I am treated, and sometimes help me to die…”

In early may, activists from Novosibirsk tried to pay attention to the problem of queues and shortages of medicines, which rely to them free of charge by staging pickets on the first square.

As reported in the may 3 edition of the “”, one of the protesters, Sergei Ulyanov came up with the slogan: “In the Novosibirsk region there is sometimes therapy, and sometimes is. Sometimes I am treated, and sometimes help me to die.”

Ulyanov has explained that the AIDS center often change free drugs for HIV, and this means that there will be “new strange side effects”. As a result, people refuse treatment. This leads to the spread of infection and increased mortality.

29-year-old Eugene stood with a placard that says “no Record, no coupons, they can’t reach us, come back tomorrow. The AIDS center.” In the AIDS center, according to her, the constant shortages of drugs and doctors suggest to either buy medicines at their own expense, or taking the drugs not out of his scheme. Many people buy the medicines themselves, but not everyone has the money: “They are expensive, it is not the nasal drops that you can buy in every pharmacy,” complained the activist.

The day before, on may 15, Minister of healthcare of the Russian Federation Veronika Sokolova reported the completion of the procurement of drugs for HIV-infected and the beginning of the spread of drugs in the Russian regions. “During this procurement, we saved 5.2 billion rubles”, – she told reporters.

The Minister noted that Russia, as the world comes to reach, by 2025, 90% coverage of antiretroviral therapy, and added that in 2016, two-fold reduction in the growth of new cases of HIV infection.

In Novosibirsk HIV patients held a rally with the requirement to eliminate interruptions in the supply of drugs 16.05.2017

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