23 Nov Novosibirsk regional court has sentenced 40-summer driver Alexey Ivanov, who had previously been repeatedly convicted for serious crimes. The man was found guilty in the brutal murders of four women. The taxi driver was dismembered their passengers, as well as cut from the victims genitals. Their actions, he justified that allegedly is fighting for the moral purity of the city.

By decision of a court recidivist Alexey Ivanov will serve a life sentence of imprisonment in a correctional colony of special regime, according to the official website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, Ivanov, working as a taxi driver, from 11 may to 16 Oct 2015 committed four murders on the territory of Novosibirsk and Moshkovsky areas.

“Moving the city of Novosibirsk by car, Ivanov offered taxi service to women, and then took out the victims in the forest, where he committed murder by strangulation, inflicting multiple blows with a knife, hands, feet and wooden sticks on the head and body of women,” – said in a press release.

With a purpose to conceal traces of crimes, the corpses of the victims of the serial killer, burned and buried.

The press also wrote that before the murder, a maniac raping women, and before the dismemberment cut from corpses genitals.

It is also noteworthy that the families of the two murdered women had not even asked the police after their disappearance. In one case, a woman disappeared after argument with roommate. The man thought that she went home to her parents. And those, on the contrary, believed that the daughter of “building personal fortune”, and also not to worry.

The first victim was 40-year-old woman. The taxi driver beat her and then strangled with a belt from trousers. Then the attacker stabbed 30-year-old passenger. The corpse of a man threw branches, and later returned to the scene, doused the body with gasoline and set on fire.

The third victim, 35-year-old woman, Ivanov was beaten with fists and feet and repeatedly struck her head against a tree. The corpse of the taxi driver carried away into the woods and hid under the branches, according to “NGS.News”.

October 16, 2015 victim of the killer was 28-year-old blonde Galina Litvinenko. Before that, the victim went with a friend to a nightclub.

Detectives quickly established that Galina, who worked as a saleswoman, have used the information base taxi, and her application was received it was Ivanov. “After the victim got into the car, Ivanov took her to the forest belt in the district the 51st kilometer of the highway “Northern bypass” and committed her murder,” said the Prosecutor.

In the database the driver indicated that he had executed the order. However, Ivanov was still arrested on suspicion of murder.

At the first interrogation the man said that achinskom a railway crossing around 6:00 he broke the car and the passenger went on foot in the direction of the coffee shop “Coffee 24 hours.” More taxi driver she allegedly saw.

However, this testimony was false. Almost two weeks Galina looking for a husband and family, as well as volunteers. In the end, the dismembered remains of the victim found in the forest near her home. To identify Galina was not immediately apparent.

“Thanks to DNA taken from the scene in Moshkovsky area, taken from the garments of the victim, and as a result of genetic examination conducted during the day by forensic experts of the investigative Department of SK of Russia across the Novosibirsk region, managed to establish the DNA profile of the perpetrator of the crime, with the genotype of the detained men,” – said earlier in the investigative Department.

The weight of the evidence, the taxi driver confessed in three murders of their passengers. He also pointed out places where he hid the remains of women.

All the dead, according to the detainee, were girls of easy virtue. The taxi driver added that consciously “rid the town of prostitutes”.

Found that to kill the passengers Ivanov became after the family drama. In the spring of 2015, he went to work in Moscow, where he worked as a driver. When Alex came back, one of my acquaintances said “the fish is” that his wife is cheating on him with another. After that Ivanov hated women.

During the interrogation, Alex said that after the last murder would send the wrong wife one of the severed hands with the words “You’re next”. To implement this plan Ivanov did not, previously wrote “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The accused was sent for psychiatric examination. “The taxi driver revealed the disorder of sexual preference, – has told the senior assistant administrator of management SK the Russian Federation across the Novosibirsk region Anastasia Kuleshova. During the search process and the choice of victims he acted in a specific scenario associated with their occupation and lifestyle. He chose those who, in his opinion, was inclined to join the promiscuity, the abuse of alcohol and drugs”.

Ivanov was a suspect in other murders of women, including those committed many years ago. “Since 1998 we have been serial murders of women connected into one, 17 criminal cases. The victims were taken, they were taken to a secluded place, there was already killed, dismembered their bodies were scattered in the left-Bank parts of the city of Novosibirsk,” – said NTV investigator criminologist Oleg Shemelov.

In addition, Ivanov about two years he worked as a taxi driver in Moscow. There he could leave the criminal trail, believed detectives.

In court Alexei refused to earlier data confessions. However, the man was found guilty under paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder of two and more persons”).

In Novosibirsk sentenced to life in prison the taxi driver”cleaner”, which cut the genitals from the dead passengers 24.11.2016

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