In Novosibirsk the driver and conductor of bus route N29 become involved in the procedural checks after local media reported an incident involving an eight month old child. The boy’s mother said that on leaving the bus the stroller and her son got caught in the door. The bus moved off, and had about 100 meters to run together, supporting the stroller with hanging upside down child. The driver stopped only after passengers in the cabin in an uproar.

“Placed in the media information in the investigation Department immediately organised a procedural check. In the course of her set to all the circumstances of the incident, the audit will be a procedural decision”, – reports the press service of the regional administration TFR.

Everything described took place on Monday, may 15, at the “ski Lodge” on the Vatutina street in Novosibirsk, writes “NGS.News”. “I put on the roadway two of my legs, and begins to descend of a child, naturally tilting down to the wheels to make room for mother-in-law, to her it was convenient to take (the stroller), easy on my eyes as the door closes, the bus starts with a whistle and a wave takes me for him,” he told reporters Lyubov Fedorova.

The woman had about 100 meters to run for a bus holding the stroller by the handles. The child was frightened and she was crying. All this time he was hanging upside down because the bottom part of the stroller was left in the cabin.

The victim claims that the driver noticed the jammed carriage and stopped only when passengers raised a fuss in the cabin. The mother immediately hugged the crying child and saw that his lips were blue. Neither the conductor nor the driver got off the bus to ask whether the injured child, and offer help.

On the same day, Fedorov called the control Center of the city avtoelektroarmatura (CPAET) and complained about the carrier – IP Kobenko V. A. From the mayor’s office the complaint was handed over to the carrier, and he reprimanded the driver and the conductor and organized an unscheduled briefing on the rules of passenger transportation. “Carrier apologizes for the incident”, – commented on the incident at city hall. Dispatching the carrier then ceased to answer phone calls.

According to Lyubov Fedorova, the incident did not go to her son without a trace – he became restless, often crying and not sleeping well. In the dream the boy calls mom and simulates the sound of the machine.

In Novosibirsk the bus 100 meters dragged sandwiched in the door of the stroller, hanging upside down child 19.05.2017

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