The pupils of the seventh class of the gymnasium in Novosibirsk N16 with profound studying of the French language music teacher gave the original homework assignment is to learn a song representative of the genre of Russian chanson Michael Krug “Vladimirsky Tsentral”. Originally about an innovative approach to the subject reported by the parents at Instagram, and then the subject picked up by the media.

As told FlashSiberia the parents of the children, the music teacher gave the seventh graders, the lyrics of the song and encouraged him to learn for the next lesson. “We do not understand something in this life,” stated a discouraged parents.

Portal “NGS.News” the mother of one of the students of the school said that the children were asked to learn and sing any song to choose from and one of the boys suggested “Vladimir Tsentral”. “We thought that beyond the jokes don’t pass it on. And it seriously printed the lyrics to them, they are “minus” listened and “plus” and sang three times. Here, everything is real,” the woman reported.

According to the mother of seventh, “Vladimir Central” is not the first study on music lessons in high school song, which causes bewilderment of parents. Earlier in the repertoire of the students were “Harem” Irina Allegrova. “What is this song for kids 13 years old? “Put the men jealous, and bald, and long,” complained the woman. At the same time, she admitted that the teacher just wants to somehow get the children interested with his lesson, because “in the seventh grade music they are not interested”.

The music teacher, the school administration made the remark

Meanwhile, the school management explained that the objectives of the music teacher was to show the kids a variety of genres.

As told by “Novosibirsk news” Director of the school Tatiana Sevostyanova, lyrics Michael Krug children from linguistic and Humanities 7 class had to be brought to class to play under the “minus one”.

According to the Director, offer to sing “Vladimir Central” emerged on the music lesson, when all of the lesson plan have already studied and have class time left. Teacher Irina Grebenshchikova invited the kids to learn some contemporary song of their choice, warning that it should not be profanity. Myself teacher recommended several options, including “Closing the circle” Chris kelmi.

However, one boy “in jest or in earnest” suggested “Vladimir Tsentral” Michael Circle. Class supported the teenager. It was decided that for the next lesson the children will bring the lyrics of the song and try it all together to perform.

The teacher, as explained by the Director, prepared for the lesson information on the genre chanson and singer Mikhail Krug. “Everything was done strictly according to the rules that the children understood that in addition to the classics there are very a variety of musical genres. They heard this song somewhere on the street and in the classroom, and the teacher explained to them what this song is about some of the experiences of a person,” said Tatiana Sevostyanova. According to her, in this topic the children found out and about the other players of the genre – Bulat Okudzhava, Yuri Vizbor, Sergey Trofimov”.

However, in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” Director of the school admitted that the teacher made “teaching error, a weakness.” “It is not denied to students. They have a relationship of trust. Decided with them to be with them on one note,” said Tatiana Sevostyanova.

According to the Director, the teacher had made the remark. “She broke the curriculum. She’s being punished. She reprimanded. A personal control. We often visit her classroom. Lesson planning will show every day,” she said.

“Vladimir Central” – one of the most famous songs author and performer of songs in the style of Russian chanson Mikhail Krug. First appeared on the album “Madame” in 1998. The song is about the experiences of people in prison that mentions about the famous prison “Vladimir Tsentral”.

In Novosibirsk the seventh graders in music class was given the assignment to learn, “Vladimir Central” 03.10.2016

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