One of the readers Novosibirsk news portal NGS.News sent to the editor a video made in the heart of the regional capital. It shows a man in 30-degree frost briskly walking trousers, cap, gloves at the bare torso.

Novosibirets who made the recording says that the office walrus goes to work at any time of the year. Journalists managed to find the hero video. He was an employee of an IT company, which for 25 years, regularly doing exercises and did not see anything special about walking in the cold without clothing, especially considering the fact that to work him to get close – just “a few kilometers”.

“When the temperature drops below -30 degrees, wear a t-shirt,” added frost man. He said that he is 43 years old, and declined to give his name.

It is worth noting, in all fairness, saying that Siberians don’t freeze because of warm clothes, from time to time in the news there are reports of geniuses thermoregulation of the Eastern part of Russia. For example, three years ago 500 snowboarders and skiers in bikinis and swimming trunks got in the Guinness Book of records, to participate in “sheer descent” from the Green mountains to Kemerovo the Sheregesh ski resort.

In Krasnoyarsk the group of naked Santa clauses with the tree bathed in the icy Yenisei river, noting the approach of the new year, 2012. The website Tochka.netspoke about the holiday flash mob, recalled that shortly before this, some Siberian adventurers came to the polling stations on the day of parliamentary elections in the Nude.

And last year, “Evening Omsk” reported a cheerful resident of the city, which at -27 went to the Irtysh in shorts, light sneakers and a beach umbrella.

It is worth noting that such recklessness is fraught with serious risk to the health and even life. After the movie “Survivors” with Leonardo Di Caprio the head of “survival Academy” Alexey Yurov told me NGS.Newsthat in reality the hero of the picture would get frostbite, frozen to the ground and died from hypothermia, because sleeping on the bare ground, never bothered to distribute the spruce branches as flooring and slept face-first into the snow.

In Novosibirsk took VIDEO of the man who in 30-degree frost went to work with a naked torso 17.11.2016

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