Omsk regional court has pronounced a sentence 19-year-old villager Vitaly Polyakov, who was found guilty in the brutal murder of the employee of branch FGUP “Mail of Russia”. The motive for the massacre, according to one version, it was dissatisfaction with the quality of service – postal workers were unable to quickly make a transfer “due to a failure in the computer”.

Vitaly Polyakov, who never learns and does not work, prescribe a sentence of 14 years imprisonment. To serve his sentence he will be in the correctional colony of strict regime, reports the official website of the regional Prosecutor’s office.

The court also ordered the convict to 400 thousand rubles as compensation of moral harm to the son of the deceased.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, the murder was committed on 19 November 2016. Day Vitaly Polyakov came to the post office of the village Bolsaescola Nazyvaevskaya district and said he wants to pay for cellular communication. It was served by a 52-year-old head of the Department. At some point, a visitor attacked the woman, having snatched out from a jacket pocket kitchen knife, writes

The intruder walked behind the counter of the operating room and demanded that the postal worker handed him the cash. Having been refused, the Poles yanked out a drawer from the Desk and found the money inside – 6 775 rubles. Head of began to call for help. Then the attacker grabbed the woman and hit her head on the Cabinet door, and then threw it onto the floor. The victim lost consciousness.

The poles pulled from the drawer of money, and the victim came to himself and tried to resist. Then the young man struck her 30 times with a knife, then fled. On the way home, the robber bought apples.

Soon the mail came the other villagers and found the head in a pool of blood. They called an ambulance but the woman died in front of them before arrival of doctors.

For several days the alleged killer was detained by police. The poles claimed that he was furious because of the low quality of service. The man claimed that postal worker failed to carry out an operation to transfer funds, which was very necessary. This occurred “due to software failure”.

However, in court the prosecution announced another version, more “standard”. “Making sure the boss of the post office is one in the room, he decided to steal money in the cash register this organization”, – explained the motive Polyakova senior assistant Prosecutor of the Omsk region Tatyana Bulychova.

As told by the detainee’s mother Oksana, a week before the murder, he told her that he was going to Rob the mail. But then the woman thought it was a joke, reports broadcaster “Антенна7″.

Then the woman connected the dots and got her first suspicions about the involvement of the son to the crime. “Home baby, do not drink or smoke, went nowhere in the evenings, never been with any girl friends. I was running a fever. Why I thought. Time because. So here I am. I’m a very naive person. Maybe he was there?” – explained Oksana.

After three days of questioning, Vitaly told the parents in the murder of a postman. After that, the father of the suspect himself called the police.

Vitaly Polyakov was charged with paragraph “C” of part 2 of article 105 (“Murder”) and item “z” of part 4 of article 162 (“Robbery with causing of heavy harm to health”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation. The man was threatened with life imprisonment. He not guilty and claimed that was the only witness to the murder.

According to Vitaly when he went to the post office, he saw the bloodied body of the victim, and next previously convicted of a villager. He allegedly began to threaten Polyakov, gave him two thousand rubles and ordered to hide the knife. However, the investigation considered this version untenable. After the specified Polyakov male to be that day in the village Bolsaescola could not, because he was serving a sentence in prison. Then the Poles began to shift the blame to the brother of the convicted person.

At the conclusion it is judicial-biological examinations, on various subjects of clothes and shoes of the suspect was found traces of blood that belong to the victim.

The prosecution in court was represented by the Omsk region Prosecutor Anastas Spiridonov.

In Omsk area the man stabbed the postmistress “due to a hung computer”, received 14 years in prison 20.03.2017

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