Show of the rock Opera “Jesus Christ superstar” staged by the St. Petersburg theatre “Rock Opera” was canceled after the protests of Orthodox activists.

“Production will not be ordered by the Director. The decision was made before the season. As soon as he learned that planned the event, is immediately strongly opposed,” leads radio “Baltika” in the message of administration of the Omsk state musical theatre.

On the website of the theatre of the cancellation of the submission is not, however, from the repertoire of the show, scheduled for November 1, disappeared.

As reported by “Assinform”, to guard the morality of the hawks stood up public movement “Family, love, Fatherland”. “Rock-Opera “Jesus Christ superstar” in its story is a continuous blasphemy and violation of sacred meanings; it contains, mockery of faith and blasphemy against the Holy images, that is straight blasphemy. And even the very title of the play is a mockery of a sacred concept,” – said in a statement a week ago, the statement of public men.

A year ago, representatives of the movement have already tried to ban the show of the rock Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim rice. Then, wrote “Evening Omsk”, the authorities ignored appeals okolonauchnyh activists. And the leadership of the city Philharmonic society, who organized the show, sought the advice of the Omsk diocese.

“There was definitely answered: against works of art don’t mind. They can’t have claims because Russia had created a special version that is different from the primordial, everything in it corresponds to Orthodox canons,” said the Philharmonic.

However, later Metropolitan of Omsk Vladimir has publicly stated that could not support “the art against which the people,” and complained that the activists were too late in beginning protest.

Rock-Opera “Jesus Christ superstar” was written in 1970, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim rice. A year later it was put on Broadway. Two years later, the piece was filmed. The plot of the rock Opera is based on gospel narratives and covers the period from the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem to his execution on Calvary.

The Opera was translated into many languages, was done productions in different countries. In the Soviet Union the Opera was staged for the first time in early 1990 by the St. Petersburg theatre “Rock Opera”. Note that in Soviet times, the work was banned as containing religious propaganda.

In Omsk for “trampling on the sacred” was canceled the rock Opera “Jesus Christ superstar” 17.10.2016

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