The Prosecutor’s office in Omsk region has transferred in court criminal case concerning the young men working at the plant. He is suspected in the brutal sexual assault of a neighbor. An attacker broke into her residence while under the influence of drugs.

The crime was committed in April 2016, when the police asked the 51-year-old resident of the Soviet administrative district of Omsk. The woman said that unknown persons broke the door of her room in a new building (the building with a large number of one-bedroom apartments) on refinery street. Then the intruder brutally raped mistress in a perverted form, and disappeared, according

“At the scene we found that a very flimsy door really was hacked,” says investigator criminologist Artem Soloviev.

The victim was able to describe the perpetrator. Soon the suspect have detained. It was the 21-year-old worker of one of the plants that lived in the same house, but in a different wing of the building.

Against a young resident of Omsk initiated a criminal case under article 131 (“Rape”) of the criminal code. He was arrested and placed in jail.
The accused is characterized negatively. Neighbors say they have seen him constantly “stoned”. It is known that he uses “salt” and “spice”. Probably on the basis of addiction man and raped a woman. Before that, he had used “spice”.

During the investigation it turned out that three years ago the suspect similarly attacked a pensioner. The young man broke the door of the apartment and began to strangle the mistress, demanding of her a thousand rubles.

The woman managed to escape from hands of the criminal and to call on the help of neighbors. However, the police then “failed to collect sufficient evidentiary basis for a criminal case.” Three years later, after the rape, the worker recalled the old criminal episode, accusing him under article 139 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Illegal penetration into the dwelling”).

In Omsk judge the worker who raped a 51-year-old neighbor, having smoked a “spice” 25.10.2016

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