In Omsk roofers climbed the local tower, removing the process on video, and posted the video to the Network. The footage shows how two young men in the night, sneak into the territory of the television station and climb the tower on the iron stairs.

Upstairs roofers removed types night of Omsk, as well as taking selfies, posing in different angles, including keeping only one hand on the edge of the tower, which they called “entrance to Paradise”.

On a video hosting YouTube video appeared on 3 July, it posted a user named Max Miller. He pointed out that he’s 18 and he likes the height. In addition, on page rufer in the social network “Vkontakte” says that the young man is studying in the aviation College. Zhukovsky.

Roofers video on YouTube has been viewed more than 436 times. This entry was posted in the group “PE Omsk” the social network “Vkontakte”, gathered more than 3,500 likes.

Users are afraid that the high received dose of radiation

Some users did not appreciate the fearlessness of guys. Many noted the extreme danger of this act, but also stressed that he made his way to the tower, the roofers broke the law. “Hair on end from this movie,” wrote one of the wearer. In comments to the video users also pointed out that during the “climb” extreme could receive a serious radiation dose and now they may have health problems.

It should be noted that the ascent to the tower is not the only “feat” Omsk roofers. Last week, residents discussed the act of other young guys who climbed onto the roof of a local musical theater. The video of this incident posted on YouTube. Earlier fans of extreme sports captured in Omsk pipe plant soloapparatuur gravel with a height of 95 meters.

Roofing – modern subculture, built on the conquest of roofs and tall buildings. Promote this subculture is largely caused by a series of political actions, including painting the stars on Kotelnicheskaya embankment, Moscow, the decoration of the monument “mother Motherland” in Kiev, the hoisting of the flag on the city hall of Kaliningrad and others.

Earlier, the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky proposed to deal with those wishing to gain “likes” in social media by using risky tricks, introducing large fines. Also in the state Duma discussed the need to mark dangerous selfie places special warning signs. Similar calls to toughen the penalties for roofers sounded in the Scenarios.

Admittedly, walking on the roof is not always associated with greed for glory and adrenaline. For example, in St. Petersburg and Moscow is a separate tourist destination that attracts lovers of photography and urban landscapes. Similar entertainments are on offer and many European capitals.

In Omsk roofers climbed the tower and took pictures at the “entrance to Paradise” (VIDEO) 04.07.2016

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