While in American and Russian media actively discussed the possible consequences for Russia of the results of elections of the President of the United States, the society is showing the first signs of how the changing rhetoric of the Kremlin in relation to the leader of the United States affects the minds of Russians. Revealing was the case in Omsk, where the driver of the bus offered free rides to passengers with Donald trump, won in the presidential race.

The news about the appearance in the Omsk taxi appropriate announcements were placed in local group Regik55 in a social network “Vkontakte”. A user reported that on the way to work I saw a bus with the inscription: “Passengers with trump free entry”, found it funny and decided to photograph her.

The author suggested that “in Omsk the drivers already celebrate the victory of Donald trump”. “Sorry, I didn’t know about this promotion. It would have taken a President of the USA”, – said the eyewitness.

The opinions in the comments below the post were divided. Some left messages in support of trump. Some commentators expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that local residents pay more attention to US election than what is happening in the region, and noted that “in Omsk the drivers had a special mind no different”.

There were those who recalled a particularly hostile in recent years with respect to the current President Barack Obama, which has resulted in the emergence of a sustainable offensive expressions “Obama is chmo”. The commenter warned that trump may soon expect the same fate. “Yes, wow, six months have change it to “trump schmuck,” said the user, keeping in mind the change of signs in the bus.

Recall that in October one of the bars of Omsk offered its visitors to celebrate Halloween by eating cake in the form of Obama. Confection in the announcement of the establishment was called a “political corpse”. When users expressed their outrage of the impending action, the guide bar suggested to take it as a joke, not trying to insult.

While during the second presidential term of Obama, which coincided with the crisis in Ukraine, imposition of sanctions and the aggravation of the situation in Syria, disapproving attitude to the American leader among Russians has increased, the winning trump in the election of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin met with says it is ready to restore Russian-American relations, and the state Duma – applause.

Meanwhile, the publicist Victor Shenderovich notes that the election of the President of the United States of trump, who during the election campaign sympathized with the Russian government, depriving the Kremlin of the established image of an external enemy who could have been to blame including their own failures. “Eight years was Obama’s fault. Trump we can say, choose yourself. And now, I wonder? Who is to blame for our isolation? Why now we have no one to love? (Not love, no). Why are we again on the outskirts of the world?” – says the writer.

According to Shenderovich, now in the Kremlin will begin an urgent search for a new “enemy” justifying “the dead roads, inflation, and the need to tighten the belt, explaining the lack of water in the tap”. The journalist does not exclude that in the end they all do the trump.

The journalist Stanislav Kucher believes that the recent presidential election in the United States were debated in the Russian media is much more than the last parliamentary in Russia. “The main floating in the air the intrigue of autumn 2016: how much worse will life in Russia under Clinton and how much better when trump?” writes Kuchar.

In Omsk, where earlier filed “corpse Obama,” has started to make discounts to supporters trump (PHOTO) 10.11.2016

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