Law enforcement agencies in Papua New Guinea looking for criminals who have kidnapped an American tourist and her British boyfriend. The girl attackers inflicted several machete wounds. The victims after their rescue stated that almost became food. The fact that the tribes in New Guinea still practice cannibalism.

Attacked by natives has been a British citizen Matthew Iowan and his girlfriend – a citizen of the United States Michelle Clemens, writes The Sun. At the moment foreign tourists are in the capital of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby. There they undergo treatment and rehabilitation.

According to press reports, 31-year-old Matthew Iowan worked as a DJ and a shop assistant, and also participated in television reality show “shipwrecked” in 2008. With Michelle he met in her native Los Angeles, and the pair agreed to meet in Australia and together vacation.

Matthew and Michelle arrived in Port Moresby, and from there went to a nearly 100-mile journey on the Trail of the so-called Cockatoos in the South-East of the country. Making his way the first five days through the jungle and was found feeding on the gifts of nature, tourists have only met friendly local people. However, on the last day of the journey to the foreigners approached the group of natives, two of whom were armed with machetes and spears. They forced Matthew and Michelle to go with them.

According to the British, during the tour she and a friend used to joke living in New Guinea cannibals. At that point the tour was not myself.

Under the assumption of Matthew, the natives wore war paint. They tore the t-shirt of the British and then they made her a bandage on his eyes, writes The Daily Mail. “I came up with a terrible idea that they want to include us on their menus,” added Matthew.

According to the victims, attacked them people were so wild that even talking primitive sounds.

Tourists tried to “pay off”, inviting the natives their stuff, but backpacks foreigners islanders were not interested in.

The attackers tied the victims and took them into the jungle blindfolded. Matthew then tied to a tree. One of the natives, hiding the face under the mask, struck the Briton and shouted that will kill him. He also held a machete to the throat of Matthew.

Later, the criminals still showed interest in the contents of the backpacks of tourists. They got iPhone Clemens and demanded by sounds and signs that the girl turned it on. In addition, one of the armed men struck Michelle deep cuts on three fingers. Now the girl is afraid that will not be able to completely restore motor function.

The tourists had been in captivity for about an hour. Then they managed to escape from their tormentors. After wandering through the territory, home to the new Guinea singing dog (feral animals like the Dingo), Matthew and Michelle managed to find hospitable locals and to contact emergency services who sent a helicopter. Michelle had to go through the jungle in his underwear.

According to police, Papua New Guinea, after a meeting with aggressive tourists Papuans have lost their mobile phones, shoes, backpacks and 15 thousand new Guinea Keane (five thousand dollars).

The police also noted that local residents themselves detained one of the suspects in the attack.

In the Australian Foreign Ministry confirmed the information about the attack on tourists, adding that they traveled “savages” without contacting a licensed tour operator.

In Papua New Guinea, a British tourist and his girlfriend was attacked by “cannibal” with a machete 13.01.2016

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