French gendarmes detained in the night of Tuesday, October 3, five people suspected of preparing a terrorist attack. At least one of those arrested had been under surveillance as a “radicalized person.” In a residential building in the prestigious 16th arrondissement of the French capital found a pipe bomb connected to two gas cylinders.

“One of the suspects was listed in the file FSPRT, which means radicalization” – quoted by Le Parisien the words of the Minister of internal Affairs of France Gerard Colombes. The Minister said that this status means that is susceptible to radical ideas, a person could affect his friends.

Gas cylinders, says the newspaper, was discovered in the lobby and at the entrance to a house. It is unknown why the alleged terrorists chose a house in the 16th arrondissement to attack. “Maybe they wanted to blow up the building in a chic district in a sign that no one is safe, that it can happen anywhere in France,” suggested Colombes.

The suspects were arrested in two cities and one village in the North of France. Police managed to find them thanks to the fingerprint left on one of the cylinders. Are investigating the incident as an act of a terrorist organization and the attempted terrorist attack.

France24 says that the IED was equipped with a mobile phone through which the bomb was to bring into action. Suspicious cylinders drew the attention of a vigilant local resident.

Note on Tuesday, October 3, the National Assembly of France will vote for a new anti-terrorism bill, which envisages the abolition of the current national emergency. Anti-terrorist regime was introduced in France after a series of attacks Nov 2015 and was prolonged several times.

The new bill is to give guards more powers, in particular to give them the right to search and place suspects under house arrest without trial.

The vote was preceded by the attack in Marseille, when unknown assailants attacked passers-by and killed two people. The attacker is neutralized by a military patrol which was in the station according to the emergency law. French the gendarmes have not yet been able to determine the identity of the attacker, but we know that he has been repeatedly detained for criminal offences and every time I filed new documents. The last time he was released two days before the attack in Marseille.

In Paris arrested five people, bomb and gas cylinders in a prestigious area 03.10.2017

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