The police of the French capital turned artist-designer who claims that he was beaten and humiliated by the Princess of Saudi Arabia. By order of the women of Royal blood, the guards beat and tied up the Frenchman and then forced him to kiss the feet of the Princess. The man also threatened to kill, writes Le Point.

According to the press, the scandalous incident took place last summer in the luxurious dwelling of the Princess, located on the Avenue Foch. This Avenue stretches from the Bois de Boulogne to the place Charles de Gaulle, where the famous arc de Triomphe. In the area of Avenue Foch settle billionaires. There are diplomatic missions of a number of countries.

The decorator was invited by the Princess to her home to accept the order for manufacturing of jewelry to her residence. The artist, as is customary in our time, in a professional environment, I began to photograph the decorations on your smartphone camera to get the most accurate idea of the style and the layout of the apartments. This led the Princess into a rage. The woman decided that under the guise of the artist to her house snuck journalist, paparazzi, intends to “merge” the snapshots to the press.

The Princess ordered his bodyguards to beat up the artist. One of them hit him in the head, after which the man was bound hand and foot and was being held at gunpoint. Also the victim was forced to kiss the customer’s feet, according to The Daily Mail.

“You have to kill this dog, she has no right to live,” allegedly said the Princess, turning to the guards.

However, the visit to the residence of the Princess ended for the decorator relatively safely, and perform “a formidable command of the Princess and her servants did not. After four hours of humiliation and torture a man freed from the shackles and escorted to the street. While it took the promise to never come to the apartment of the Princess.

Going to the police, the man showed signs of beatings on his head. He claimed that the injury was received in the house of the Princess.

The victim also intends to collect from the Saudi aristocrat 20 thousand Euro as a fee for the done part of the job. The artist is also required to return his left in the apartment tools, but the Princess and her representatives did not.

According to preliminary data, a Princess, became a party to the conflict, is a close cousin of king Khalid Ibn Abdul-Aziz al Saud, who ruled from 1975 to 1982.

Add that France and Saudi Arabia maintain close ties. The Arab Kingdom is the largest buyer of French arms. In addition, some of the most expensive real estate in France belongs to the citizens of Saudi Arabia. And thanks to diplomatic agreements Saudi guards, unlike their French counterparts, are allowed to carry firearms, accompanying of high people in France.

In Paris, the Saudi Princess forced the artist to kiss her feet, and then ordered the guard to “finish the dog” 29.09.2016

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