In the political leadership of the African country of Malawi sparked a discussion around the idea of changing the criminal code to strengthen the fight against ritual killings of albinos.

Some parliamentarians proposed to separately register in UK form of responsibility in the form of the death penalty for such killings. However, the Malawi government did not support this requirement, reports TASS.

Earlier the country’s President Peter Mutharika has declared, that declares war on the killers of albinos, calling the perpetrators “terrorists.” He ordered to appoint a special Prosecutor who will investigate ritual murders.

The head of state also opposed the introduction of a separate article imposing the death penalty for such killers. “In our criminal code already has an article about the death penalty. We don’t need another for those who kill albinos” he said.

In Malawi, as in other African countries, a widespread belief that body parts of albinos possess magical powers and bring wealth. Over the past two years in this state killed 17 albinos. Even after death, they become the objects that attract superstitious criminals: the bodies of albinos dug up from the grave to dismember and sell the remains.

“How can poor people claim that they (albinos) bring wealth? These are the poor themselves go in rags, but telling others about wealth. Think we are ignorant fools,” said President Mutharika.

According to him, already arrested 130 people suspected of abductions and murders of albinos. And two of the killers of 17-year-old albino was recently sentenced to 25 years in prison.

In Malawi, with a population of 16.5 million people live 10 thousand albinos. The growing number of murders have forced the UN to speak about the threat of extinction of this minority.

“The atrocities in Malawi put albinos under threat of extinction if nothing is done to change the trend,” said UN expert on human rights and albinism Ikponwosa Eero.

The Director of the albinism Association of Malawi Boniface Weight said that members of the organization consider just as an object for easy dressing. “Some Malawians in the streets called us walking or mobile money. They imply that we can quickly sell it,” he said.

Government of Malawi imposed an official ban on the activities of various witches and traditional healers because they use the body parts of albinos in rituals of black magic. Court ruling to Newspapers are forbidden to publish advertisements healers.

The Ministry of information, communication, technology and education urged the press to pay more attention to the problem of albinism and tolerance for albinos. The government is also planning to hold a meeting with mobile operators, so they organized SMS mail-out with information about the albino with the goal of educating people, says Malawi Nyasa Times.

Will add that ritual murders and attacks on albinos in Burundi, Mozambique, Zambia, Tanzania. On Tuesday it became known that albinos of Swaziland appealed to the authorities to ensure their safety. “We’re being hunted like animals,” – said the albino.

17 June in the capital, Mbabane held a March in defense of albinos, says Moreover, against the background of traditional African superstition dangerous for albinos may be borrowed from the civilized countries of the democratic procedure. For example, in 2013, the Swaziland’s albinos feared that parts of their bodies will be used by witches in rituals designed to ensure the victory of a politician in elections.

In 2010, after a series of brutal murders of albinos (in one case, criminals beheaded two children) among this minority group began to panic.

According to 28-year-old Sipho Dlamini, the murder of albinos has happened before, but they helped to mask a belief according to which the albino before his death, he leaves the community and goes to a deserted place.

Albinos – the representatives of the black race, are lacking the pigment melanin, so they have a painful white skin and bright ruinkai hair. In Africa since ancient times was considered “carriers of evil spells”, tortured and beaten. Now behind them began to hunt for the sale of organs and body parts for profit.

In Parliament, Malawi has proposed to add to article of the criminal code of the execution for the murder of albinos 22.06.2016

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