In Perm painted over so-called “the wall “the Beatles”, located near the cinema “the Crystal”. Now the image of the legendary fab four there was a picture called “Movement is life”, according to Perm portal “Unclassified”. Who is the author of a new picture and by whose order it was made, is unknown.

Wall dedicated to the Beatles, was opened in Perm in February 2012. Artists Oleg Ivanov and Alexander Zhunev has created a painting based of the episode, reflected in the famous photo. The picture became the cover of their last recorded album was made in 1969 at the pedestrian crossing at Abbey Road Studios in London. On it musicians each other in a “Zebra” crossing the street.

The artists painted the mural for the arrival in Perm the first drummer of the legendary Quartet of Peter best, who played with the band from 1960 to 1962. Only the picture of the Beatles crossing one of the streets of Perm.

Then, on the question of “Unclassified” as last wall, the tour organizer Pauline Dildine said, “How many will stand, many will stand. Until you fade”. The wall stood four and a half years.

It is noted that the “wall “the Beatles” liked to get Perm Beatles fan. Beside her, they noted a significant date in the history of the group – the birthdays of musicians who release their albums, other events.

In Perm painted over the “wall “the Beatles” 26.07.2016

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