Investigators of the Perm region opened a criminal case against 45-year-old resident of the city of Lysva suspected of infanticide. The head of the family was beaten to death infant son, and he made me the eldest daughter to hide the body. The motive for the killings was that the victim, in the opinion of the father was mentally ill, writes “Riphean”.

Last Thursday, the court sanctioned the arrest of a suspect who was repeatedly brought to criminal responsibility. He was charged with paragraph “C” part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder juvenile”), reports the official website of the regional control RF IC. The article provides for punishment up to life imprisonment.

According to investigations, 11 January the drunken head of a large family beat 10-year-old son Daniel M. Board on the head. According to his wife, Svetlana O. of the suspect, her husband forbade her to intervene in the upbringing of his own son.

“He said you’re raising your children, I raise them. He was drunk and would not let us out of the house,” said Svetlana.

According to her, the husband was irritated by his son’s behavior, which allegedly had some mental disabilities.

Being on the second floor of the household heard the moans and cries coming up from downstairs. “Intervene, we could not. He said try it out and you’ll know what will be”, – said the stepmother of the murdered boy.

Two days battered child sat in the cellar. And on January 13, the suspect took out his son, washed it and beat the Board to death. Then the man went upstairs and told my wife and the other children: “All…”

Later, the man ordered the older daughter to prepare the bag, bricks and a shovel a shovel. Deep in the night he forced a girl to help to heat the body of the child in the pond.

Trying to cover up the crime, the alleged murderer appealed on January 17 in the law enforcement bodies with the statement about the disappearance of his son. He threatened the family with death if they did not support his version.

However, after several days of searching managed to find a corpse at the bottom of the pond. January 20, after passing the polygraph examination, the suspect confessed to the murder of his son, writes “AIF Perm”.

“In the course of a criminal investigation will be given a legal assessment to actions of officials of supervising bodies, medical and educational institutions, where he was treated and trained the victim”, – concluded the Department of RF IC.

A mother of a murdered boy finds that his sister and stepmother also guilty to the crime. This version adheres to the killer’s niece, Natalia, who took an active part in the search for allegedly missing child. She stated that she did not understand why Svetlana for all days of searching are unable to find the time to tell the police about the incident. “They’re all involved and let them answer for it,” says the woman.

In Perm region a man killed 10-year-old son for “mental deficiencies” 26.01.2016

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