The Perm police has opened a criminal case on the fact of assault on the employee of the store. To help the victim came to the visitors. In the end, the robber was beaten and detained by the ballot box. Security guards of a supermarket first chose to watch the battle, filmed on video.

Criminal punishment for a broken 42-the summer native of the neighboring countries. The migrant was taken to another part of OP N4 to testify. “During the inspection it was found that the period of stay on the territory of the Russian Federation ended in October of the current year”, – informs the official website of the regional Ministry of internal Affairs.

According to the begun investigation, on November 24 at about 15:20 the attacker entered a supermarket “Vivat” in Motovilikhinsky area and immediately attacked the nearest cashier. The woman put a knife to her throat, he demanded to give him all the money.

Scared customers and store security guards stepped aside. However, to the rescue of the cashier, who became a hostage the robber ran one of her colleagues. Selfless impulse women supported the buyer elderly. He grabbed standing next to the ATM box and began to use it instead of a baton, striking the offender, reports 360. The channel also published a video of the attack taken by CCTV cameras.


The footage shows that the robber does not let go of the victim and forced him to open the cash register. While the attacker was busy gathering the scattered bills, a visitor and one of the guards continued to beat him. Stealing 12.5 thousand rubles, the suspect ran from the store. However, on the sidewalk, customers and security staff caught the assailant and twisted it. Then the man handed over to the police caused on a scene. He is charged under article 162 of the criminal code (“Robbery”).

The clerk, the prisoner was threatened with a knife, was not injured. On Friday, she went to work, said the Ministry of internal Affairs, commenting on the curious case.

The fate of the guards, clearly overawed in front of the offender, will decide the leadership of the chop, in which they work. “All the information we gave them,” – said the press service of the trading network “Vivat”.

In Perm, the buyers of the supermarket, the cashier fought off the robber and beat him with the urn (VIDEO) 26.11.2016

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