24 Nov motovilikhinskiy district court of Perm issued a new verdict of age, the student that was accused of sexual relations with minor student. Initially the slag was sent for three years to the colony. After that, the victim is a seventh grader became the hero of the talk show and confessed his love to the condemned. Soon the conviction was overturned and revised.

During repeated consideration of criminal case of the Russian Themis has appointed 18-year-old student Elena sentenced to one year of imprisonment, informs news Agency “Perm news” with reference to the press service of the motovilikhinskiy district court.

The scandal broke in early September, 2016, when the press reported on a three-year sentence, read to the girl. Soon the boy who lost his virginity at the age of 13 through the fault of the convicted, became the hero of the show “Talk show” on NTV channel. In the Studio he spoke about his love affair.

According to young Permyakov, he met Elena S. through her younger brother. First they were just friends. The girl was very secretive and didn’t trust people.

After about three months the young people have sexual intercourse. Their relationship lasted six months, but then Elena blabbed about them to her friend, and she told the inspector on Affairs of minors.

When the affair became known to the boy’s father, he went to the police and wrote a refusal of the application. However, such a document “is regarded by the police as a message about the crime,” said lawyer Marina Kashchenko. In the end, a refusal is still a criminal case was initiated against Yelena.

In a television broadcast student said that he is at fault. He also expressed willingness to wait for his beloved from prison, and then to marry her.

The young man’s mother also considers his beloved slag. She said that lovers should not interfere, despite the age difference.

In support of the “Perm Romeo and Juliet”, dubbed as defendants in a criminal case in the press, was organized collection of signatures. Under the relevant petition left its data for nearly seven thousand people.

According to the former homeroom teacher of Helen, in her school girl studied for nine years. “We have it was listed in the remedial class. Were children with delayed mental and physical development. Alex also studied at our school, but in a normal class,” said the teacher.

She does not believe that her student was able to seduce the boy. “She was zashugannyh girl to ninth grade went to the dining room holding my hand to not hurt. Looked completely helpless. She boys and the eyes were afraid to raise, not to make someone indecent proposal”, – quoted “Moskovsky Komsomolets” , the review of the teacher.

In 18 years, Elena looked like a 14-year-old girl, said her former homeroom teacher.

In Perm the girl seduced the boy, replaced 3 years in prison for restricting freedom 25.11.2016

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