The police of St. Petersburg detained the alleged murderer of three Ukrainian collectors Alexander Makluk, according to “Fontanka”. Along with him were detained another citizen of Ukraine.

It happened exactly a year later after the attack on the collector car in the Chernihiv region. In the evening of 22 October, the staff of the Department of Interpol in St. Petersburg, the police “ordered” the Department of criminal investigation Department of GU Ministry of internal Affairs and criminal investigation Department of Moscow region have detained on the Frunze street in Moscow two citizens of Ukraine. Men came out of the restaurant and put them on the pavement near the rented apartment where they lived.

In another material, where “Fontanka” vividly describes the details of the arrest, says that on the first interrogation of Mukluk admitted his involvement in the attack. Ukrainian refused an arrow, and declared that only took away the money. However, he gave contradictory testimony regarding his accomplices.

The second detainee to “Fontanka” calls “Nikolaev-Odessa”, “what if Cyril, or Anton.”

It is expected that on Sunday the court will make the decision to arrest the detainees, then we should expect their extradition to Ukraine.

The publication also recalls that “PrivatBank”, whose armored car was robbed, promised a reward for information about Maclure and associates.

The RAID happened one year ago, on 23 October 2015. That day in the village Skorinets ‘ Chernihiv region, on the route “Kiev-Chernigov”, was an attack on the collector car “PrivatBank”. Minibus “Volkswagen” of the collection service on Friday afternoon was moving from the capital to the city of Chernihiv. When to the place of destination was about 30 km, with the “car occurred an extraordinary event” … it is Known that vehicle has deviated from the route and burned. The remains of the car were found a few hundred meters from the highway Kiev-Chernigov. Inside were three bodies. According to Ukrainian media, was stolen about 10 million, 150 thousand dollars and 30 thousand euros.

The attackers first shot all the tires of the armored car, and when the car stopped, it threw tanks with an incendiary mix. Smoke collectors from the car failed. Then the robbers broke the door of the armored car, killed the guards and stole the money.

In Petersburg have detained the alleged murderer of three Ukrainian collectors 23.10.2016

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