In the capital of Karelia Petrozavodsk has been the development of the scandal with the installation of a giant Billboard of the party “United Russia” to quote President Vladimir Putin on a Parking place for the disabled. As reported in the “Daily Province”, the Parking sign for the disabled on the evening of August 30 was moved to a nearby Parking space. Pictures posted on the community page “Positive Petrozavodsk” the social network “Vkontakte”. Note that 5 August, the local newspaper “Stolitsa on Onego” wrote that the police in Petrozavodsk conducts an administrative investigation into the installation of the advertising structure, but it was not the banner of “United Russia”.

Banner is placed on crossing of streets Chapaeva and Vatutin in the Parking lot near the store “Dixie”. A concrete pedestal, on which stands the design, judging by the photos, took nearly half the space.

On the banner in addition to the inscription “United Russia” and the batch number on the ballot paper posted a quote of Putin. The inscription, which occupies almost the entire poster, reads: “the policy of the “United Russia” – a deep understanding of the state interests of the country.”

In his election campaign, United Russia was going to use 12 quotes Putin. Note that to use images of the President, the party can not by law.

About a week ago, the network appeared the pictures with the cut down of the advertising shield “United Russia” on which hung the same banner with a quote of Putin. The incident occurred in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district.

In Petrozavodsk, moved the sign “Parking for disabled” from where you have placed the campaign banner of “United Russia” 01.09.2016

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