Court of Poland issued on Monday, the sentence of the man convicted of inciting ethnic hatred. The attacker publicly burned an effigy of a Jew.

The decision of the Polish Themis an anti-Semite Piotr R. will spend behind bars for 10 months, reports Radio Poland. The convict has already expressed its intention to appeal the verdict.

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, the crime was committed in November of 2015 during a protest against the admission of refugees, held in the Central market of Wroclaw. The protesters were doused with gasoline and set on fire an effigy in a traditional Jewish clothes and with a EU-flag in his hands.

The symbolic destruction of the Hasid was captured on camera and the video was published in social networks on the Internet.

“Hatred towards migrants has the same roots as the hatred of Jews,” – said chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Shudrich, commenting on the scandalous case.

Judge Marek Gorny who took the decision on punishment of the perpetrator of the burning of effigies of a Jew, called the incident “serious” incident, writes NEWSru Israel.

In October 2015, after winning the elections, the representatives of the Polish conservative party “law and justice” stated that it did not agree with the previous course of the government in the field of migration policy. In particular, Poland undertook to adopt 7 thousand refugees from 150 thousand citizens of Syria and Eritrea, who were in the camps for migrants in Greece and Italy.

In Poland a man, having burnt an effigy of a Jew in the square, was sentenced to 10 months in prison 22.11.2016

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