The Polish district court in Warsaw on Monday sentenced the accused to work for Russian intelligence lawyer Stanislav S. (his name is not disclosed) to four years in prison. About it as transfers TASS, reported the Polish press Agency. It is noted that the court’s decision is not final and can be challenged.

In the explanatory note to the decision, the judge Agnieszka Domanska indicated that a lawyer in 2012, pledged to carry out a reconnaissance mission to obtain information about Polish energy sector, and primarily on gas pipeline świnoujście. The lawyer received reports about the gas contracts, knew the timing of the opening of the pipeline. In addition, he came to a meeting of the Seimas Committee on energy to get anecdotal evidence.

The court also considered that Stanislav š, using his connections with the Polish journalists working on the energy theme, trying to promote the Russian policy. He also tried to get an internship at the Ministry of economy, while concealing that he had a dual citizenship (Polish and Russian).

The lawyer was arrested in October 2014 along with a Polish army Colonel Zbigniew Th. Polish media reported that the confederates were handed over to Russian intelligence, data relating to disciplinary proceedings against the Polish troops. Thus, the Russian intelligence received data of hundreds of soldiers who violated discipline, up to suspicion of crimes. This allowed us to assess which of them can induce cooperation.

In may last year, Stanislav S. was charged with espionage in favor of Russia. The consideration of this case the court began in October. Process passed in the closed mode because of its importance to the public interest, and also due to the use of classified materials.

Colonel Zbigniew. sentenced last spring: he got six years in prison and five years deprivation of civil rights. The court also confiscated his mobile phone and 16.5 thousand PLN (about 5.5 thousand euros), which he earned in the course of illegal activity.

In Poland, the lawyer was sentenced to four years in prison for espionage in favor of Russia 21.03.2017

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