In Poland women protesting against the bill that reduces the number of grounds for abortion and criminalize clandestine abortion, marched through the streets dressed in black in sign of mourning for their reproductive rights. Marches took place in the Polish capital Warsaw and other cities, the protest called “Black Monday,” reports the BBC.

Women who oppose the ban on abortion, this day did not go to work and study and refused to work on the house. The sample was taken in a General strike of women in Iceland 24 October 1975, which was attended by 25 thousand women protesting the inequality of rights. This event, organized by the trade Union and radical movement, Icelandic women “Red stockings”, inspired by the many protests of the feminist movement.

According to Polskie Radio, Warsaw in the beginning of March is scheduled for 15:30 (16:30 Moscow time). The correspondent of RIA “Novosti” reports that at about 10:00 (11:00 Moscow time) at the headquarters of the ruling party “law and justice” (PiS), in Warsaw, brought together several hundred women. The BBC reports that in the city of Czestochowa in southern Poland, more businesses closed, as women took this day off.

On the page in Facebook dedicated to the strike, more than 107 thousand people have declared their intention to join the protests. The event is held in social networks, where users publish their photos in black robes under the tag #CzarnyProtest or in other ways Express their solidarity.

Finay Lets move forward … #czarnyprotest #prochoice

In Poland, the women staged a “Black Monday”, opposing the abortion ban 03.10.2016

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