Police American city of Portland (Oregon) has described the riots as a protest against the election of Donald trump President of the United States. This is stated in the Twitter of the police Department of the city. In one of the tweets says that the protest is viewed as the riots in connection with mass violations of the law and dangerous behavior of the demonstrators. The action was attended by several hundred people.

According to police, protesters armed with stones from the construction site, breaking Windows, damaging cars, attacking the police.

Law enforcement authorities warned that the laws of the state of these conditions is a criminal offence, and asked the protesters to disperse. Passers-by encouraged to avoid the area of unrest.

Meanwhile, the trump called the protest “very unfair.” “Just passed a very open and successful presidential elections. And now the professional protesters, incited by the media, protesting. Very unfair!” – wrote the winner of the presidential race Thursday in his Twitter.

Demonstrations and spontaneous protests were held in several regions of the United States
Wednesday, November 9, and Thursday. Thousands of protesters gathered on Wednesday evening in Manhattan in new York, shouting the slogan: “Not our President!” Near Central Park and the Trump Tower skyscraper, was arrested 60 demonstrators.

In Chicago, about a thousand people staged a demonstration outside the Trump International Hotel, which is owned by the President-elect. They chanted “No to Trump! No Ku Klux Klan! No to racism in the United States!”

Protests were also held in Seattle (Washington), Los Angeles,
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Portland, Boston (Massachusetts), Austin (Texas) and other cities of the country. In Los Angeles, and Portland protesters blocked the motorway.

Moreover, the protest involved even children. So, a few hundred students in the San Francisco (California) adopted on Thursday a demonstration against the election trump. As reported TASS, the teenagers marched through the Central streets – Market street to city hall, chanting “Not my President!”

In the campus of the American University in Washington, held student protests, during which protesters burned the American flag.

In Oakland (California) several police officers were injured in the ongoing there’s a second day of protests. In the meeting on Thursday was attended by about seven thousand people.

In Portland, a protest against the election trump has outgrown in mass riots 11.11.2016

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