In the centre of the Czech capital of Prague detained a Russian hacker, a suspect in the attacks on the United States, reported on the website of the police of the country. He was so surprised by the arrest that he fainted and had to be hospitalized, said police spokesman David Shawn.

In the message of the police Department of the Czech Republic stated that the arrest of a Russian citizen suspected in hacker attacks in the United States, was “another example” of effective cooperation of criminal police with the U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation. The operation to capture began within 12 hours after receiving the first information and the issuance of the detention of a “red warrant” by Interpol, reports RBC.

The hacker, who is not named, lived in a hotel in the centre of Prague, toured the city in an expensive car with his girlfriend.

The Czech interior Ministry indicate that the appearance of police officers at the hotel began to suspect such a surprise that he offered no resistance. Immediately after arrest the hacker was unconscious, police gave him first aid and then the suspect was hospitalized.

Czech police claim that now the government of the country decide the issue of extradition of the suspect in the United States. The essence of the charges is not explained.

Recently in the United States regularly, there are allegations that the published pre-election leaks from the headquarters of the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton were the result of Russian hackers who support the government. The Kremlin rejects such suspicions.

In Prague detained had fallen in a faint Russian hacker 19.10.2016

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