In the National library of the Czech Republic outside of Prague, was found a collection of 13 thousand books that belonged to one of the major figures of the Third Reich Heinrich Himmler.

The books were discovered in the vault of the library, which is not dismantled since the beginning of 1950-ies. Norwegian historian of Freemasonry Bjorn Helge Hareland, who personally participated in the identification of certain books, reported the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gangthat some of them had been kept in the library of the Norwegian order of Freemasons in Oslo.

It is established that the Norwegian Freemasons belonged to about six tsac of the found books, they were removed by the Germans from Oslo during the Second world war. “It is likely that many of these books were called “witch” library of Himmler” – said the scientist.

In 1935 when SS was created the special section “H” (H-Sonderkommando, so named for the first letter of the German word Hexe “witch”), which lasted until 1944 and was engaged in collecting materials about medieval witches. Employees of the Department were examined in search of this information 260 libraries and archives.

Historians still argue why this work was needed by the Nazis. Some believe that the goal was to prove that the persecution of witches was an attempt of the Inquisition of the Roman Catholic Church to destroy the German race, others believe that the study of the myths of the ancient Germans could be useful to justify racist theories, still others associate the work of the division with a personal hobby of Himmler’s occult and interest in his own lineage (Himmler was considered one of the founders of a kind of a witch, burned at the stake).

According to Norwegian broadcaster NRK, the reconstruction of the “witch” of the library is devoted to the report Morrisland at the conference in Kristiansand (southern Norway) to mark the 77th anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Germans.

Conference at which scientists tried to answer the question of how Masonic books were in the Czech Republic, was organized by the archive, Stiftelsen Arkivet in conjunction with the National library of the Czech Republic and National library of Norway.

In Prague found a collection of books Himmler of his “witch” of the library 16.03.2016

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