The Perm regional court on Wednesday convicted a former high-ranking official – a 55-year-old Ivan Galkin, who was found guilty in a series of murders and robberies. Victims Galkin and his killer became a pensioner and an official in sedesol.

According to the decision of the court of Ivan Galkin will serve a life sentence of imprisonment in a correctional colony of special regime. He also will pay a fine of 500 thousand rubles. In addition, satisfied civil suits of victims for the sum more than 5,5 million roubles, informs an official site of regional management of SK Russian Federation.

Galkin himself not guilty and intends to appeal the verdict.

It is established that Ivan Galkin, acting in an organized group of persons, committed in Kudymkar and Perm especially grave crimes in the period from November 2007 to 2015. So, in November 2007 an attacker, who held the post of Deputy head of kudymkarskogo RAJJONA PERMSKOGO kraya, “organized the murder of 90-year-old resident of Kudymkar”. Thus Galkin sought to prevent the pensioner to challenge in court held the sale of the apartment. Previously, the old lady sold the property mistress Zoe P. Galkin for only 700 thousand rubles. Learning of this, relatives of the pensioner convinced her that she was deceived.

Preparing the crime, the customer showed the killer Ivan Ainu the door to the apartment, got him the costume of a plumber and documents employee housing. Galkin also convinced the contractor that in the home of a pensioner he will find the money received from the sale of the apartment. Half of the amount the killer receives as a reward.

Lucentini entered the house and strangled a woman to death with a towel, but the promised money was never found. Then the killer was arrested and was tried for another crime, and the murder of a pensioner for a long time remained unsolved.

In 2013, the client again turned to the same killer Ivan Ainu, which has already released with new orders. Galkin gave felon a job as a watchman and a driver, and at the same time asked him to “eliminate” people who interfere with him and his friends to engage in entrepreneurial activities or through which to enrich themselves”, said earlier the Prosecutor’s office.

In 2013 Galkin “organized robbery and paired him with the murder of the chief of territorial administration of the Ministry of social development of Perm region for the Permian Komi district,” Galina Mehanoshina.

The killer enters the building official under the guise of a police officer using pre-made fake ID. And the place of the murder he brought himself Galkin on your Renault with fake numbers. The clerk did not have time to call for help: the killer clamped her mouth and repeatedly struck the victim with a knife in the chest and abdomen.

The motive for the murder of Mehanoshina was that she was fired from her office lover Ivan Galkin Zoe P., which is “fused” to the merchant service information about the elderly and helped to win the auctions.

Galkin even tried to put the guards on a false trail. He planned to “hang the murder on the official to spite him alcoholics who ain on behalf of the boss in advance cut the hair to put under the victim’s fingernails,” writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. But after the murder the killer in a hurry is not found in pockets a bag with hair. However, detectives and so lost the scent for many years without any outside help.

In may 2014, Ivan Galkin, being a part of gangs, organized arson of the wooden structure belonging to a resident of kudymkarskogo RAJJONA. The victim took revenge for the fact that he won the auction and bought the building of the local cuisine, which has attracted female partner Epina.

In August of the same year, the former official of the organized robbery and paired him with the murder of 86-year-old resident of the city of Perm.

The woman was going to move to calgary, but it turned out that her apartment issued his niece. To his misfortune, the pensioner has applied for legal aid by Ivan Galkin. He helped her make an application for a relative, and at the same time, I decided to buy a safe to keep the money and documents. Galkin, together with Eponym bought for women a safe Deposit box and one copy of the key himself.

Later Galkin made up for Epina manual: how to enter the apartment and what to do if there is a social worker, how to get rid of documents, safe key and cell phone with the SIM card in someone else’s name, with whom the conspirators kept in touch. Then Galkin called the pensioner and have asked to let my driver, who allegedly brought her some documents. When the woman turned away to study the paper, EPIN threw on her neck and a towel. Prey of criminals were 140 thousand rubles, which they divided in half.

In June 2015 Ivan ain, acting in collusion with the Galkin had prepared for the murder of his partner, a businessman from Perm, who was involved in the forest. Together with businessman, the attackers planned to kill his bookkeeper and her husband.

The criminals had intended to seize the money in the amount of 10 million rubles. But literally the day before the massacre EPIN got drunk and committed the double murder on the grounds of the old domestic quarrels. Being in alcohol intoxication, the killer and his son met a man on the street, from which beating in 2008, Ivan EPIN have stayed in the colony 5.5 years. Ivan was beaten again injured, and along with his cohabitant. Then, the attacker covered spouses ignited a curtain. The victims sustained fatal injuries. In addition, in respect they had committed acts of a sexual nature.

This time the suspects were able to quickly calculate and delay. After that, in a criminal case began to “float” and other episodes with the killings.

Note that law enforcement officers and the Russian Themis was in such a hurry to solve the murder of the official Galina Mehanoshina, which ultimately was convicted of a crime is innocent of the retired 62-year-old Vladimir L. he was sentenced to 15 years in a strict regime.

Suspicion fell on Vladimir because of the fact that he was previously convicted for murder. In addition, he was familiar with Mehanoshina and theoretically could enter the apartment of the victim, had previously worked as her personal driver. Vladimir himself steadfastly denied involvement in the crime, but theoretical calculations of the investigation to the court were more influential.

Behind bars, Vladimir spent 2.5 years of the 15 years before the judicial authorities recognized their mistake.

In the course of a criminal investigation, involving Ivan Galkin, the investigator was interviewed more than 35 witnesses and victims, scheduled and conducted over 20 different forensic examinations performed confrontation and verification of testimony on site. The materials of the criminal case amounted to 23 volumes.

The investigation conducted by the staff of the first Department for investigation of particularly important cases (about crimes against the person and public security) of the regional Department of the RF IC. Galkin was charged with part 3 of article 33, paragraph “b”, “C” of part 4 of article 162 (in edition FZ of 08.12.2003 N162 “the Organization of robbery committed with violence dangerous for life and health, with illegal penetration into dwelling, for the purpose of a taking property in especially large size with causing of heavy harm to health of the victim”), part 3 of article 33, paragraph “b”, “z” part 2 of article 105 (“murder of persons known to the perpetrator in a helpless state, coupled with robbery”), item “a”, “b”, “W”, “z” part 2 of article 105 (“Murder of two persons, including known to the perpetrator in a helpless state, committed by an organized group, combined with robbery”), item “a”, “b”, “C” of part 4 of article 162 (“Robbery committed with violence dangerous for life and health, with application of the subject used as the weapon, with illegal penetration into dwelling, an organized group, in especially large size with causing of heavy harm to health of the victim”), part 2 of article 167 (“Deliberate damage of another’s property, causing significant damage, committed by arson”), paragraph “a”, “b” of part 4 of article 162 (“Robbery committed with violence dangerous for life and health, organised group, with causing of heavy harm to health of the victim”), part 1 of article 222.1 (“Illegal storage of explosives”) the criminal code of the Russian Federation.

Previously completed investigation of the criminal case against the executor of these crimes 46-the summer inhabitant of Kudymkar Ivan Epina. He signed a pretrial agreement on cooperation with the investigation and was sentenced to 19 years and four months imprisonment. The first five years the killer will spend in prison, and then will be sent to the colony of special regime.

In Prikamye the ex-official convicted of murder and robbery, received a life sentence 16.11.2016

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