In the halls of Primorsky Oceanarium on the Russian island in Vladivostok hung prohibiting signs and stretched a protecting tape to protect Pets from shameless visitors. During the first month after the long-awaited opening of this institution, which is under the patronage of President Vladimir Putin, there have been a series of incidents.

Among other things, the visitors broke the figure of a dinosaur, blinded chameleon camera flashes and relieve themselves in the “tropical forest”, while one woman managed to get stuck in a special niche, trying to see the octopus, transfers RIA PrimaMedia. In addition, visitors contrary to the prohibition of fish feeding stuff, and even steal the inhabitants of open aquariums.

Now vandals and thieves trying to scare away frightening signs with inscriptions, for example, a warning about what plants are poisonous and the water is treated with a fungicide. In the halls increased the number of staff of the aquarium.

Employees Oceanarium tired to pull women from the octopus. And they adopted anti-vandal measures

In Primorsky Oceanarium after a series of frightening incidents hung a sign for vandals and thieves 12.10.2016

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